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Primary State Highway 9-Olympic Highway

PSH 9 (Trunk)

PSH 9 began at Jct PSH 1 in Olympia and headed west to a junction with itself at Mud Bay, a half dozen miles west of Olympia. From Mud Bay, PSH 9 continued west via McCleary to Elma and Jct PSH 9 EG. From Elma, PSH headed west via Montesano and Jct PSH 9 MA. Still heading west, PSH 9 continued to Aberdeen and Jct PSH 13. From the Aberdeen-Hoquiam area, PSH 9 headed north via Lake Quinault to Forks. North of Forks, PSH 9 turned to the east and passed Lake Crescent on the way to Port Angeles. Continuing east from Port Angeles, PSH passed thru Sequim and intersected with PSH 9 PT at Discovery Bay. Turning south, PSH 9 went thru Quilcene, down the west side of Hood Canal, thru Shelton, and ended at the junction with itself at Mud Bay. From Jct PSH 13 at Aberdeen via Forks, Port Angeles, and Shelton to Mud Bay, PSH 9 was designated as US 101 in 1926. Today, this is still US 101. From Mud Bay via Elma to Aberdeen, PSH 9 was signed as US 410 from 1926 to 1967. Since 1967, the Mud Bay to Elma portion has been signed as SR 8, Elma to Aberdeen as US 12. From 1926 to 1967, PSH 9 from Olympia to Mud Bay was signed as both US 101 and US 410. In 1967, the 410 designation was dropped, the 101 designation remains.

PSH 9 (Port Townsend branch)

PSH 9 PT began at Jct PSH 9 at Discovery Bay and headed NE to Port Townsend. When the current state highway numbering system was first posted in January 1964, PSH 9PT was signed as SR 113. After the completion of the North Cascades Highway, the SR 20 designation was extended west to Discovery Bay, replacing the SR 113 designation. In 1992, a different highway on the NW side of the Olympic Peninsula was given the SR 113 designation.

PSH 9 (Elma-Grand Mound branch)

PSH 9EG started at Jct PSH 9 at Elma and headed SE via Oakville and Rochester to Jct PSH 1 at Grand Mound. When the current state highway numbering system was first posted in January 1964, PSH 9EG was resigned as SR 8. When US 12 was extended into Washington State in 1967, SR 8 from Elma to Grand Mound became part of US 12. The SR 8 designation was moved to the Elma-Mud Bay portion of PSH 9 trunk.

PSH 9 (Montesano-Artic branch)

Yes, the unincorporated community of Artic, Washington is spelled with one "c". PSH 9MA started at Jct PSH 9 at Montesano and headed south to Jct PSH 13 at Artic. This route has been signed as SR 107 since 1964.

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