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State Route 8-North Bank Hwy or Evergreen Highway

PSH 8 (Trunk)

PSH 8 began at Jct PSH 1 in Vancouver and headed east along the north bank of the Columbia River to the Maryhill area. From Maryhill, PSH 8 headed north via Goldendale, Satus Pass, and Toppenish to Jct PSH 3 at Buena. From 1926 to 1968, PSH 8 from Vancouver to Maryhill was posted as US 830. Since 1968, this route has been posted as SR 14. In 1926, PSH 8 from Maryhill to Toppenish was designated US 97, which it still is. US 97 continued along PSH 8 from Toppenish to Buena from 1926 to 1964. In 1964, US 97 was rerouted via SSH 3A from Toppenish via Wapato to Union Gap. PSH 3 from Toppenish to Buena was resigned as SR 22, which it still is today.

PSH 8 (Maryhill-Biggs Rapids Bridge Spur)

PSH 8 MA began at Jct PSH 8 near Maryhill and headed south to the Columbia River. This route has been part of US 97 since 1926. Before 1962, US 97 crossed the Columbia River from Maryhill, Washington to Biggs, Oregon via a ferry. The Biggs Rapids Bridge, later renamed the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge, was completed in 1962 and still is part of US 97.

PSH 8 (Maryhill-Kennewick branch)

PSH 8 MK began at Jct PSH 8 (US 97) near Maryhill and headed east along the north bank of the Columbia River to Paterson and Plymouth, then NE to Jct PSH 3 (US 410) in Kennewick. The portion of this branch of PSH 8 from US 97 to Paterson had been part of SSH 8E from 1937 to 1943. The remainder was added to the state highway system in 1943. In January 1964, this route was reposted as SR 12. When US 12 was extended into Washington State in 1967,SR 12 was redesignated as SR 14. When I-82 was completed from Plymouth to the Kennewick area in the mid 1980s and US 395 was rerouted along this section of SR 14, I-82 exit 131 at Plymouth became the eastern terminus of SR 14.

PSH 8 (unnamed branch)

An unnamed branch of PSH 8 was added in 1953. This branch started at Jct PSH 8 MK at Paterson and extended north to Jct PSH 3 at Prosser. Before 1953, this route had been designated SSH 8E. In 1961, the portion of PSH 8 from Jct SSH 3A in Prosser to Jct PSH 3 in Prosser was redesignated as an extension of SSH 3A. Today, SSH 3A is SR 22. PSH 8 from Patterson to Jct SSH 3A is now SR 221.

The PSH 8 Branch That Never Was

US 197 was added to the US highway system in the early 1950s. The route started at Jct US 97 near Maryhill and headed west along PSH 8/US 830 for about 20 miles, and then turned left, leaving PSH 8/US 830 and heading south to the Columbia River and into Oregon. For a short time, US 197 left PSH 8/US 830 just east of Murdock and headed south to Dallesport on what is now called Dallesport Rd. From Dallesport, US 197 followed what is now Old Dalles Ferry Rd to a ferry landing. The ferry was replaced by the mid 1950s with the present The Dalles Bridge. The present route of US 197 from PSH 8/US 830 (now SR 14) to the bridge was built in conjunction with the bridge.

One would think that this road from the PSH trunk to The Dalles Bridge would have been added to the Washington State highway system as a branch of PSH 8. It was not. This road did not become a state highway until the 1970s when the bonds were paid off and the tolls removed from The Dalles Bridge.

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