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Primary State Highway 6-Pend Oreille Highway

PSH 6 (Trunk)

PSH 6 began on the eastern edge of downtown Spokane where PSH 3 left PSH 2. PSH 6 and PSH 3 headed north to the northern outskirts of town and split. PSH 3 headed NNW to Colville. PSH 6 went NNE to Newport. From Newport, PSH 6 followed the Pend Oreille River northerly via Usk, Cusick, Tiger, Ione, Metaline, and Metaline Falls to the Canadian Border. At the border, PSH ended and BC 6 began. Today, PSH 3/PSH 6 is signed as US 2/US395 from downtown Spokane to the North Division Y. From the Y to Newport, PSH 6 is now US 2. From Newport to Tiger, PSH 6 is part of SR 20. From Tiger to the Canadian Border, PSH 6 is SR 31.

PSH 6 (branch)

A short branch of PSH 6 headed east from PSH 6 trunk in Newport to the Idaho State Line. This branch was designated as part of US 195 in 1926. The US 2 designation was added in 1948. The US 195 designation was dropped in 1969. Today, this branch is signed as US 2.

PSH 6 (branch)

A short branch of PSH 6 extended south along State Ave on the Idaho state line, linking ID 41 with the E-W PSH 6 branch. This N-S branch of PSH 6 is now SR 41.

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