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Primary State Highway 3-Inland Empire Highway

PSH 3 (Trunk)

PSH 3 began at Jct PSH 2 at Teanaway near Cle Elum. From Teanaway, PSH 3 headed SE to Jct PSH 7 in Ellensburg. At Jct PSH 7, PSH 3 turned right and headed south thru the Yakima River Canyon to Yakima. In Yakima, PSH 5 ended at Jct PSH 3. From Yakima, PSH 3 headed in a generally SE direction down the Yakima Valley. At Buena, PSH 3 intersected with PSH 8. PSH 3 crossed the Columbia River between Kennewick and Pasco. In Pasco, PSH 11 began at Jct PSH 3. From Pasco, PSH headed SE to Wallula Jct. From Jct PSH 3 at Wallula Jct, PSH 3 WA (Wallula Branch) headed SW to Oregon. PSH 3 went east to Walla Walla, Dayton, and Dodge. At Dodge, PSH 3 DC (Dodge-Clarkston Branch) headed east to Pomeroy and Clarkston. PSH 3 went NE via the Central Ferry bridge and Dusty to Colfax. from Colfax, PSH 3 CP (Colfax-Pullma Branch) headed south to Pullman. PSH 3 turned left and went north to Spokane. SW of downtown, PSH 3 joined PSH 2 and headed east. East of downtown, PSH 3 left PSH 2. PSH 6 began at this point and headed north with PSH 3 to the northern outskirts of Spokane. North of town, PSH 6 left PSH 3 and headed NNE to Newport. PSH 3 went NNW to Chewelah, Colville, Kettle Falls, and ended at the Canadian Border at Laurier.

PSH 3 (unnamed branch)

When I-82 was designated as an Interstate highway corridor in the late 1950s, the state designated this route as a PSH 3 branch from Union Gap to the Oregon state line. The route was planned as separate from US 410, the designation posted along PSH 3 from Union Gap to the Tri Cities. I-82 was to go via Mabton to Plymouth. Disputes between the Yakama Tribe and the Department of Highways led to shifting I-82 to the opposite side of the Yakima River down the valley. Lobbying by Tri-Cities interests got I-82 moved closer to the Tri-Cities. The PSH numbering system was dropped long before I-82 was completed between Union Gap and the Oregon state line.

PSH 3 DC (Clarkston Branch)

PSH 3 DC began at Jct PSH 3 at Dodge and headed east via Pomeroy to Clarkston and the Washington-Idaho state line. Also, PSH 3 DC headed south from Clarkston via Asotin and Anatone to the Oregon state line a few miles south of the Grande Ronde River. PSH 3 DC from Dodge to the Idaho state line was posted as US 410 from 1926 to 1967. In 1967 this route was reposted as US 12. PSH 3 DC from Clarkston south to the Oregon state line is now SR 129.

PSH 3 WA (Wallula Branch)

PSH 3 WA began at Jct PSH 3 at Wallula Junction on the south side of the mouth of the Walla Walla River. From PSH 3, PSH 3 WA headed SW a few miles to the Oregon state line. In 1926, PSH 3 WA became part of US 730. US 395 was added to this route around 1938. US 395 was dropped from this route when 395 was shifted to I-82 south of the Tri-Cities. Today, PSH 3 WA is posted as US 730.

PSH 3 WW (Walla Walla Branch)

PSH 3 WW headed south from Jct PSH 3 in Walla Walla towards OR 11 and Milton-Freewater, Oregon. Today, PSH 3 WW is part of SR 125.

PSH 3 ED (Eatern Route Inland Empire Highway)

PSH 3 ED began at the Idaho state line near the top of the Lewiston Grade and headed north to Pullman. The Gennesee Spur of PSH 3 ED branched off of PSH 3 ED about a half mile from the state line and returned to Idaho. PSH 3 ED continued north from Pullman via Palouse, Garfield, and Oaksdale to Jct PSH 3 just south of Rosalia. The first 1/2 mile of PSH 3 ED and all of the PSH 3 ED Genesee Spur became part of US 95 in 1926.From Jct US 95, US 195 headed north along PSH 3 ED to Jct PSH 3 CP in Pullman. When the current state highway numbering system was first posted in 1964, PSH 3 ED from Pullman to Oaksdale became part of SR 27. PSH 3 ED from Oakesdale to Jct PSH 3 near Rosalia became SR 271. Idaho realigned US 95 near Jct US 195 in the 1970s. US 95 no longer enters Washington State. The portion of former PSH 3 ED that was US 95 is now part of US 195. The Genesee Spur is now US 195 Spur.

PSH 3 CP (Colfax-Pullman Branch)

PSH 3 CP started at Jct PSH 3 in Colfax and headed south to Pullman then east to the Idaho state line near Moscow, ID. In 1926, the Colfax to Pullman section was designated as part of US 195. When the current state highway numbering system was first posted in 1964, PSH 3 CP from Pullman to the Idaho state line became SR 270.

PSH 3 (unnamed branch)

A branch of PSH 3 began at Jct PSH 3 ED in Palouse and headed NE to the Idaho state line. This highway is now part of SR 272.

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