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Welcome to the Mansion Of Lost Souls

*Please read before entering mansion*

Hidden deep within the Mansion of Lost Souls, lies four hidden souls trapped within avatars. They are waiting to be discovered so their souls will be set free. As you journey into the haunted domain, beware of frightening experiences that await you. We must caution you to explore carefully. The souls have been lost for a very long time. They have been carefully hidden. So, check every room and forgive the cob webs, there hasn't been any cleaning done here in a very longggg time..hehehe . Please let each image load before reading the narrative. Some include clues that will lead you to your next destination. Check for hidden links within the images. You may find some interesting places. Collect all four avatars and collect a reward. Locate WOA in VPlaces, and look for nitestalker1 or witchbladeXX to receive your reward.....ENJOY!

Grab a tour and enjoy the ride!




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