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  1. League fees are $25.00. Payment must be received by the End of January 2003. Payments can be mailed to:
    Nathan Porter
    8208 39th Ave SW
    Seattle, WA 98136
  2. The season runs from the Mercedes Championship to the PGA Championship.
  3. No World Golf Championships will be used this year, the other PGA tournament for that week will be used.  Example instead of World Match Play on Feb 24 - March 2, we will be using the Chrysler Open at Tucson as our tournament. 
  4. Each week one player is chosen by each member of the TFGL, and submitted to the TFGL Commissioner by Wednesday Midnight (this rule will be strictly enforced this year). Remember to check the tournaments field to make sure that your choice is playing that week. The same player can be chosen by more than one person for the same tournament.
  5. If your player makes the cut, then his earnings are added to your teams totals.
  6. Each player can only used one time, unless you pick a tournament winner during the season. If you pick a winner of a tournament, you may bring back a player a second time. Be careful you don't use up all the stars first, or you'll be stuck using Fred Funk for the PGA.
  7. Tiger Rule: Even if you pick more than one tournament winner during the year you can only use a player twice.
  8. No majors bonus this year.
  9. 1st Place receives $250.00, 2nd Place receives $100.00, and player who misses the fewest cuts wins $50.00.  You may only receive one prize, so you can't win first place, and the prize for fewest cuts missed, in that case it will go to the next person who qualifies.