TFGL 2003
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News and Notes - The winners are yours truly in 1st Place, Greg Spane in 2nd Place, and Thad Hunt winning least cut's missed.  Congrats to all.  Winners will be contacted for address to send money.  I hope everyone enjoyed this years league, and see you again next January for the Mercedes Championship.  We should have an even bigger pot, and a few more rule changes to make it even more competitive.

Rule clarification:  If you have any player bring backs you can bring back anyone two times, not just the person you picked as a winner.  So if you pick Hal Sutton to win the U.S. Open, and he does you can use your bring back for Tiger if you'd like...

New rule as of 2/14/2003.  If you a pick a player that withdraws before the tourney starts you will not receive a missed cut, and will be able to use the player again.  There should be no penalty for picking some who decides not to play at the last minute.  Of course it still sucks, as you basically lose a chance to make any money!!!

Welcome to Thad's Fantasy Golf League the premier fantasy golf league in the Pacific NW.  I hope you're all ready for another exciting year, and with new members we continue to build the winnings, and now have the ability to add secondary prizes to keep everyone motivated the whole season. 

2002 was another successful and fun year, but as we do every year there are a few minor rule changes.  If you are a new member to the league or a returning member please take some time to review the new rules.  One rule I want to point out is the pick deadline.  Last year I got too many emails on Thursday morning.  This year if a pick is not in before Thursday, it will count as a missed cut.  I will do my best to inform in advance if the tournament is five rounds (i.e. Bob Hope) but it's up to you keep up on tournament info.

Once again thanks for your support, and good luck in the upcoming season!  The commissioner's email address is TFGL2003@YAHOO.COM.

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Last updated 8/17/2003