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For several years we have been dealing with 2 particular agencies in the London area. We believe they offer an appropriate level of support to nannies seeking work in the UK.

Following a successful interview with our agency in Perth 2 options are available to the applicant.

OPTION A - Live in placement with a family in UK is arranged prior to departure from Australia.

OPTION B - An interview with the sister agency in London is arranged and the applicant is invited to apply for current positions of a live-in or live-out nature. Interviews with the families then follow.

There is no cost to the nanny from any work done by our agency in Perth or our sister agency in London. However, the nanny must anticipate paying her own air-fair (return to London) and any accommodation required in London, prior to taking up the live-in position.

Most nannies, from Australia working in the UK obtain:

There is a demand for Australian nannies of appropriate calibre in the UK and consequently a wide range of different opportunities are available.

for further inquiries and information involving costs and planning please call the agency on 0893840500

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