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The loss of a friendr

The end of a friendship

Amy and Joe

It was a warm summer afternoon in a small Southern community. The air was filled with the sounds of a light breeze blowing through the trees and the birds were singing their happy songs. In the distance I could see some one outside mowing the lush green grass that covered the ground. The sounds of laughter could heard coming from two small children that were playing off in a corner of the yard. As I look closer I can see a beautiful woman with a very big smile on her face. Looking at her you could tell that her mind was off in a place that was filled love and passion the concerns of the day did not interfere with her dreams. She stopped what she was doing and made her way into the house to see if she had any new messages from the person that she was day dreaming of. Her eyes were fixed on the screen as she read every word that was sent. I could see a warmness come over her as she replied to the message that was sent to her. As she was finishing her response she heard the door close on the truck that her hubby used for work. She quickly closed the program to avoid the intrusion into her personal thoughts.

After exchanging greetings with the person that walked in to the house, she went back to finish the cutting of the grass. She appeared confident that she had closed all the programs that she used to communicate with the other person. Little did she know that while she was finishing the yard work the person inside the house was looking for the reason that made her happy. In all the confusion of closing down the programs she forgot to take out a password that allowed access into her most personal thoughts.

Thirty minutes had passed by when she finally came back inside the house. She did not suspect that this person had been inside a place that was only meant for her. As the night came to an end nothing was said about what he had found. Silence permeated the house.

The next day as Joe watched through the eyes of his friend. He could see the person and hear the tone of his voice, it was harsh and the words that were being spoken cut through the air like a cold winter blast. Accusation of being unfaithful filled the room. The anger and hate that was being directed toward her was more than she could take.

The relentless attack continued for days by this person and was continued by all the other people around her. They could not understand how she could betray the family that way. It was terrible they took this sweet person and with the skill of a heart surgeon cut her into small pieces. Joe watched in horror as everything happened he could do nothing to help her. As the days went by he could feel each word cut into her. There was no let up. Joe could see her beautiful spirit disappearing, the warm friendly person that he knew was fading. With her last thoughts she scream out Joes name.

Their over powering words destroyed that beautiful sweet person, and extinguished the brightest spirit that I have ever seen. Her crime to them was talking with some one that they did not know and that made her feel special. In reality the only thing that she was guilty of is having some one want her for who she was and that made her feel wanted and loved.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months all Joe could think of was how he got his friend hurt. Every second of each day he thought about what he did and did not do. The loss of his friend and all the pain she went through caused his heart to break. After 3 months of being with out Amy, Joe also fell to the words that took his sweet friend.

Signed ..


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