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The sweetest memories

Tonite we dance on the clouds.


As I look through your open bedroom window. I can see you lying there in your bed. The silhouette of your body is outlined under the covers of your bed. I reach through the open window and gently pick you up. Not yet waking you from your restful sleep. I hold you very tightly not wanting to let you go. We float through the night sky with only the moon guiding our way. I lay you down very softly on a bed of clouds. The sight of you lying there makes my pulse start to race. I bend down and kiss the end of your nose. I can see your eyes gently start to open. I take my hand and softly hold your eyes closed, not wanting you to wake. I can see your body lying there with the moon light shimmering off of your sun tanned skin. And the sight is very exciting. I move closer to you still not wanting to wake you. And I kiss your lips just enough to feel the electricity between us. I walk around where your are laying, surveying every inch of you and feel my pulse start to race a little faster. I place my hand close to your tummy and gently place my fingers to where they are just barely touching you. I draw my fingers up to where they circle around your erect nipples. Then I push them down till the reach just below your belly button. Keeping my touch very light still not wanting you to wake.


I can feel you hand over my eyes. The touch of you soft and gentle lips to my nose woke me with a wonderful feeling inside. I am anxious to look into your deep green eyes. So I reach and grab your hand and gently move it off my eyes so I can look at you. As your hand slides down my face, my sleepy eyes open. The sight of you is comforting to my heart. I smile a sleepy smile at you. Glad to see you. I look around not knowing where we are. It is so beautiful. You look at me and smile. Then I know everything is just fine. With that smile I start to sit up so I can kiss your lips. The feeling inside me is incredible. Words could not explain. The touch of your lips to mine makes my heart pound.

The passion between Amy and Joe created this story.

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