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Unconditional Friendship is what we all need in our lives. To be able to accept friends for who they are. That sounds so very easy to believe in. But to look at what it means, it contains things that make us think about the other person a little more.


How do we determine who get close to us.

In here if someone is getting to close or we suspect that they will get us hurt we just turn them off. On the outside it is almost same, but because we can look into their eyes and see all the good things we want in someone, we over look the most important part OUR SELVES.........

We allow them to see and we allow them into our most private sanctuary, feeling secure that they will take care of it as their own.
Little do we suspect that they really don't care about theirs in the same manner as we do. To be fooled once in life by someone we trust or really care for, makes us very leery to open it up again for viewing or even allowing anyone to touch it.....
The world and this place is filled with a lot of very good people. The only problem is how can you tell if they are good or bad in here? There are no eyes to look into to see what lies behind the thoughts.
No soft caressing touch to sooth the heart. No soft-spoken words whispered into the ears. No soft sweet kiss good night. All of these things are missing.

So how do we determine who we let see that special place and maybe allow them in? Do we use the words the feelings the emotions that are shared? Or do we look at the actions taken?

Do we dare share our most intiment place with a person that we can not see? That's a question that will fill the heart with doubt, uncertainty and most of all fear.

How can we explain what happens inside of us when the words effect us so deeply. After all there are just mere words typed on a screen.

Just words on a screen? Maybe! But how? How is it these words affect my daily thoughts? How is it these words allow joy to live inside me? How is it these words physically put a bounce in my step? How is it these words touch my heart so deeply? These words become a part of who we are, how we feel, what we think. Miraculous discoveries really which psychologists & scientists study human behavior, human emotions and relationships and still unable to determine any satisfactory explanations.

Mmmmm. It could be rules that we apply to this kind of friendship that makes it so unique.