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We all take chances in this world. And the web has opened up the box so almost everyone has a chance to meet and talk to some very nice people.

In my case I met a wonderful Lady. But since we are both married we tried to keep our real identities hidden from each other. Knowing that if something were to happen, the other person would be safe from becoming a target of an angry spouse. This worked well in concept and in actual reality it did what we designed it to do.

But there is one thing we never talked about and that is the way the people around us would react if they were to find out about our conversations. Big mistake! The pressure that is applied by the family can break a person's spirit faster than a rock falling on the head.

The hardest part of this experience has been knowing that I got my friend hurt.. I think the guilt I feel each day from causing this is small compared to what she has been through.

So the only thing have to I say is be happy. Enjoy every coversation as if it were the last because you never know what will take place in the other persons life.

Sincerely yours  J.

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