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Breeders Directory


We urge you to consider adopting a Corgi from the rescue service supported by CPWCC and its members:


Mary Day, Representative 360-456-1226

CPWCC Rescue is pleased to be sponsored by Iams 

An application for adopting a dog through  Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue (SPDR) can be found by clicking on their logo below.

Breeders' Directory


The following is a list of CPWCC members who may have puppies (P), adult dogs (D), or stud service (S) available. Individualís kennel names are also shown. 

Furnishing this list is in no way an endorsement or recommendation of any individual(s) by CPWCC. 


Bill & Mary Bauer   EASTEDEN (P,D,S)  206-363-3299 (Seattle, WA)

Myrna Bazzell  CADET (P,D,S)  253-531-0196 (Tacoma, WA)  

Ray & Sally Bazzell  (P,D,S) HANEY-RAY J'S  (Mossyrock, WA)

Teresa Blackstad   COLBURN (P,D,S)  208-265-9549 (Sandpoint, ID)


Carl & Nanette Brubaker   HATU (P,D)  208-344-3938 (Boise, ID)  

Bruce & Kathleen Clark  CLARKEN (P,D,S)  208-788-3248 (Bellevue, ID)

Gloria & Gary Danielsen   DANSEN (P)  425-489-2604 (Woodinville, WA)  

Mary Day & Chris Johnson STILLWATER (P,S) 360-456-1226 (Olympia, WA)

J.E. Edwards   PENWAY (P,D)  360-427-2522 (Shelton, WA)  

Barbara Evans   EVANWHIT (P,D,S)  425-255-0917 (Renton, WA)  

Carol-Joy Evert   KATYDID (P,S)  303-797-8766 (Littleton, CO)  

Kathleen Gangi   BROOKEHAVEN CORGIS (P)  360-221-3254 (Langley, WA)

Gay & Reggie Gausman  WANDERPOND (P,S)  360-793-3202 (Sultan, WA)

Carrie Hale   HALEY (P) 425-653-2100 (Bellevue, WA)  

Carol Kelly   CELTIC (P,D,S)  253-875-4520 (Graham, WA)  

Gerald Kyle, Jr. & Bruce Coyne   GENTRY (P,S)  253-460-0090 (Fircrest, WA)

Claudette Longoria   LIíL CORKíS (P,S)  509-328-8420 (Spokane, WA)

Sylvia Lueck   TRENGATE (P,D)  360-455-0799 (Olympia, WA)  

Kathleen & Kirsten Mallery CASTELL/REVEILLE (P,D,S) 208-722-5003 / (Parma, ID)  

Robert Simpson   VANGARD (P)  425-481-9608 (Mill Creek, WA)  

Ruth Smith   KENDERWOOD (P)  360-754-7420 (Olympia, WA)

Suzann Stickney CONWY (P,D) 406-549-0063 (Missoula, MT) 

Lauri Turpin & Judy Fagan CASTLE KEEP CORGIS (P,D,S) 253-536-7019 

Marilyn VanVleit   AURORA (P,D,S)  503-581-5144 (Salem, OR)  

Rachel Wayman   WAYMAN HAUS (P,D,S)  253-536-6993 (Tacoma, WA)  

Jill White   STORMBRAN (P,D,S)  208-263-8181 (Sandpoint, ID)

Douglas Wilson   CLYDE HILL (P,S)  425-454-2566 (Clyde Hill, WA)


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