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To tell the truth, I don't know tons about Kumdo.  However, it's such a great photo subject that I have begun spending some time with Kumdo people, in order to take photos.  I'm learning as I go along.  Yes, Kumdo is closely related to the Japanese Kendo.  But there are differences between the arts, and indeed differences between different schools of Kumdo in Korea.  There are three types of Kumdo competitions, just like Hapkido.  There are demonstrations of skills, competitions on who can do moves with more precision, and of course they do actually go at each other with swords from time to time.  I have never seen a fighting competition.  These photos are from a series of demonstrations.  When I learn more about Kumdo, I will add more information to this page.  



kumdodemo2.jpg kumdodemo4.jpg



kumdo2shots2.jpg kumdo2shots1.jpg kumdoflash1.jpg kumdoflash2.jpg

These photos were taken with some photographic techniques I am learning how to use.  In the future, I hope to take more photos like this, building on what I have been learning.  The first two photos are actual double exposures, and the second two utilize a multiple flash effect.  


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