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The performance by the Senegal Troupe was perhaps the most fascinating to the Korean audience.  Knowledge about Africa in Korea is very limited and just to see an African person (much less one in traditional clothes) was a once in a lifetime experience for many audience members.  The Senegal Troupe "Gaalgi" put on a very high energy performance. Three drummers not just kept time for the dancers, but demonstrated a degree of skill that was appreciated by the audience.  (Korean traditional music being very dependent on drums, most Koreans learn at least a little about drumming music and try their hand at some of the native Korean rhythms at some point in their lives.)  The dancers included a stilt walker who was not only the tallest I've ever seen but easily the most talented.  There was a fire juggler, singing, and clearly conveyed stories within the dances.  Their performance was rooted in the traditions of the Bassari, an ethnic minority from the Eastern part of Senegal.  



  senegaljump.jpg  senegalhorns.jpg

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To the fascination of many festival goers the Senegal Troupe did not confine their performances to the one hour slots they'd been assigned in the schedule each day.   Almost everyday they also took part in informal jam sessions (wearing a mixture of Senegalese and Western garb).  At various times Koreans sat down, pulled up a jimbe and joined in.   Dancers and festival goers like myself danced to the beats, and a borrowed mike allowed anyone to sing along.  


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 * Yes, I took lots of photos of one drummer, Lat, he was just such a charismatic performer.  I couldn't help myself, honestly!