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Georgetown, Malaysia

Georgetown, Malaysia


1mbluebldg.jpg  2myaptemplenight.jpg 3mkhookhongsi1.jpg  4mrailing.jpg

5myapkhongsi1.jpg  6mkhookhongsi2.jpg  7mdoorway.jpg

1  Streets in Georgetown are lined with beautiful old houses.

2  A shot of the Yap Khongsi, or Yap clan house's temple at night.

3 & 6 The roofs of Khoo Khongsi, the clan house of the Chinese immigrant clan with the surname 'Khoo'.  This is one of the most spectacular sites in Georgetown, but since it was under renovation, All I could shoot was the roof!

4 Details such as this abound in quiet and prosperous Georgetown.

5 Ornamentation at Yap Khongsi.

7 Looking out toward the street through the gate at a temple reveals a passing bicycle trishaw.  (The Malaysian rickshaw places the passengers in front of the driver, India behind, Myanmar next to with one seat facing forward, one back)


A small family shrine for luck and protection of the house/business

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