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Camarilla AnkhCamarilla Ankh

- "Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of wealth and taste." -

"Sympathy For The Devil" - The Rolling Stones

The Manor House

Welcome to our home

As you leave chaos of the main heart of the city of Edinburgh and move towards the weathly suburbs. As you move along you come to a large estate, this place has a regal beauty that makes it stand out amidst the other homes. Its size suggests the owner is of great power and wealth to have such a home. Most mortals stop and gaze at the house in awe for a few momnets or just continue on thier way. Kindred who pass here know better. This place is without a doubt, occupied by the "Blue Bloods"...By the Ventrue!

"We...Clan Ventrue...Welcome all fellow Kindred to our home.  I would also like everyone to note that the rules of Elysium apply to the conference room, at all times. When it is time for us to talk, that is what it is. We can always rip each others throats out at a later time. Be advised that this estate has excellent security. For a listing of these systems and other haven features. Please go to the Haven game info link below in the menu.

This site was built for, and in general is dedicated to, those who have made my long personal existance more bearable to "live". Thank you my dear friends, and all my clan brothers and sisters.."

- Anakein "Jescin" Vladd - Elder Clan Ventrue

- "And we'll know for the first time. Are we evil or devine?" -

"The Last in Line" - Ronnie James Dio

Draped Sword

Clan Ventrue symbol

The Lords And Ladies of the Rˇche

Clan Primogen - Jescin.Vladd -

Angelique Norvalk - Childe of Anakein


Other Acknowledeged clan members in this domain


Those That have passed Beyond

Tarina_Souls - Knight of Knarl

Black Roses


   To My Darkest Love,

   You know who you are. With you, I can never be truly alone in my damnation, thank you. You forever sweetly haunt my dreams.

Anakein "Jescin" Vladd

Dripping blood bar

If you wish more information on Clan Ventrue. Contact Anakein "Jescin" Vladd

New Players to the game please submit a Character Sheet to the Prince at the time of your presentation.
Also available are Vampire On-Line Combat and Character Advancement rules.

World of Darkness

 Links for Carzš DŁn' Reisach and the Thištre De MorŽ and the rest of the Lands of Knarl , Clan pages and Rules and Reference pages. Plus other pages of intrest.

The [PW] Notation indicates Password required.

Game Links

** The Estate of Carza Dun' **
Enter the Great Hall
The Estate Grounds
The Conservatory [PW]
The Art Gallery
Haven Game Information

** Reisach, Austria (Anakein's Home, 4hr flight game time)**
The City of Reisach, Austria

** The Thiatre De More **
The Thiatre De More Meeting Hall
Elder/Primogen Hall
Elysium Hall
The Courtyard
The Celler
The Tavern
Pool of Moons
Lord Dark Wolf's Meditation Chamber
Hot Springs
The Sitting Room of the Empress
Guest Chambers
The Royal Gardens
Back Streets
Art Studio

** Clan Pages **
Shahem Kerah
Ventrue (You are currently here)
Cairn of the Dream Walkers

** Announcements and Rules **
Announcements for the Thiatre De More
Clan Ventrue Announcements [PW]
Thiatre De More Bulletin Board
Mailing List
Weapons Rules
Vampire Rules & Character Creation Rules
Vampire Character Advancement
Vampire Character Creation
Vampire Combat Rules
Experience Points (Updated Daily..Sometimes)

** Refrences **
Vampire Homepage
B.J. Zanzibars, World of Darkness
Patmans Gateway to the WoD

Dragon skull fence

- "In the night, Come to me, You know I want your touch of evil... In the night please set me free, I can't resist your touch of evil." -

"Touch of Evil" - Judas Priest

Barbed Wire


 The Worlds of Darkness and Vampire; The Masquerade are not recommended for those under the age of 18. The Storytellers, Webmasters, and players of these games on this site and any affiliated with the Thištre De MorŽ and Carzš DŁn' will not be held responsible for anything said or seen in rooms.

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