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Clan Ventrue Announcements


Last updated 14 May 2000.

For all clan members to know. I am currently the Prince of London and elected head of the English Prince's Councel What this means is I have authority to function as Prince in any domain inside the UK.

Also Ocatvius is no longer playing so anything he had involvment with is done.

On a OOC note. I still need every Ventrue Players e-mail. this is so I can keep everyone informed of what is going on clan wise. That is unless I can update this more often.

Last updated 29 January 2000.

For all clan members to know. Effective immediatly, The Lady Tarina is hereby reenstated as clan second. She will be the acting elder for the clan until my return. Treat her with all the respect you would me.

Remember, all perspective new clan memebers...aka those you wish to embrace...MUST be first approved by me, and then by the Prince or the Empress in his absence. Also remember under the laws of Caine you are responsible for your childe's crimes and will pay the same price as they do. So teach them well. Also insure any new Ventrue PC's pass thier e-mail address to me for communication purposes.

Last updated 12 January 2000.

It has been brought to my attention that thier is some diffrence of opinion on who is the elder of this clan. I would like to make it perfectly clear that the elder is myself. I have been around for quite sometime now. Therefore, if anyone wishes to challenge me for leadership. Then we will discuss that later. I would really hate to see a member of this clan destroyed right as we are about to take our rightful places. There are things going on that some of you may not know about. Trust in me and all will work out for the greater glory of our clan. One other point. Effective immediatly, Tarina is removed from the possition of clan second. This is done for the reason she does not seem to be using her better judgment at this time. Until this problem of hers is resoved. Octavius is appointed as clan second. I am in constant contact with him and want all clan members to know that I speak through him for the time being.

Please bear with me in my current prolonged absence. I will continue to update this and all other pages at this site until I return.

Last updated 16 November 1999.

Welcome to the new announcement page just for Clan Ventrue.

This page is being created so that all players in clan Ventrue can be kept up to date on clan goings on. As we all know I do not get as much on-line time as I would like because of my employer. Let's face it people the United States Military is not real big on enhancing ones social life. Because unlike Jake (a.k.a. Lord Dark Wolf) I am still in. Well at least for another 427 days and a wake up. So that everyone knows in advance I should be on in December, but unfortunately from January to July it will be very rare that you will see me. Sorry, I will still be available via e-mail at the address on the main page.

Now to address what I have seen as some problems with members of our clan in the past. I understand that by our very nature we can be ungodly arrogant. Although my friends we need to be tactful as well. It is a better intellectual victory over a person you despise, if your are insulting them and they don't even know it. Everyone is our friend, that is until we crush them like the insignificant ants they are. We are Ventrue, we are destined to rule. Do not reveal our plans to the enemy until it is to late. We stand a better chance of success that way.

For the moment, I want no clan infighting. I will not tolerate petty little squabbles amongst ourselves right now. There a grander plans brewing. All that will be gained by our fighting ourselves is failure.

As the leader of our clan here. Effective immediately, I am requesting the following.

  1. Clan Toreador is in no way to be harmed or interfered with. Octavius and myself know the reasons for this. Trust me on this it is for our mutual benefit.
  2. Very soon, if Octavius completes what I have requested of him. We will be doing something about a personal dislike of mine. I will fill you all in more as things develop. I will leak this much, If all works as planned, soon an era in the Thiätre will end.
  3. I want all clan members to communicate with each other better. I would like all other Ventrue to e-mail me at my web mail address. That way I have everyone's e-mail. This way we can send messages back and forth, stay in touch, and most importantly unified as a clan.

I am going to voice an opinion here that I feel is one that needs to be said. I believe for the good of the Thiätre and all of Knarl. The time rift must be closed. As one who lived during that time I feel those in those Dark Ages should stay there. I adapted to the modern world as it grew. These kindred are being thrown into a world they know nothing of, one completely alien to their very being. Therefore for their well being, and to prevent other unspeakable problems, this rift must be closed.

Any member of the clan that would like an announcement placed here. Please contact me and I will post it when I do the next update.

Do not forget to check the Thiätre's announcements page for any rules changes or other information.

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