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wwii flying squadron patches

World War II Flying Unit Patches
This disc contains a large collection of insignia from flying units at squadron level of the US Army Air Forces, US Navy and US Marine Corps. Most are unfamiliar and unusual and forgotten since 1945,
except by those who were in the units. Included are 322 Air Force patches, 87 from the Navy and 8 Marine Corps insignia. For the combat units and Navy ships and air stations, great detail is available
about when the unit was formed and deactivated, the aircraft flown and operating locations. But, for non-combat, service and support units, there is no single source for such detail. This disc recalls

some of those. Below are some of the patches in the collection. Click on the appropriate button below to order the disc. Cost is $25 plus S&H and applicable sales tax.



Air Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadrons 23 Bombing Squadrons 4 Marine Aircraft Wing 1
Airdrome Squadron 1 Carrier Aircraft Service Unit 1 Marine Aircraft Group 1
Anti-submarine Squadron 11 Carrier Qualification Training Unit  1 Marine Fighting Squadrons  2
Arctic Search & Rescue Squadron 1 Cruiser Based Scouter  1 Marine Scouting Bombing Squadrons  2
Bombardment Squadrons 123 Cruiser Scouting Squadrons  7 Marine Scouting Squadron 1
Composite Squadrons 2 Escort Fighting Squadrons 2 Marine Utility Squadron 1
Communications Squadrons  3   Fighting Squadrons 8      
Ferrying Squadrons  4   Naval Air Stations 10      
Fighter Squadrons (include night fighter and fighter bomber) 61   Observation Squadrons 4      
Liaison Squadrons 10   Patrol Squadrons 21      
Mapping Squadrons 2   Photographic Squadrons  1      
Observation Squadrons  2   Scouting Squadrons 11      
Photographic Squadrons 2   Ship Aviation Units 5      
Photo Mapping Squadrons 3   Torpedo Squadrons 5      
Photo Reconnaissance Squadrons 6   Transition Training Squadrons 2      
Proving Ground Squadrons  1 Utility Squadrons  2
Sea Search Attack Squadrons 2   Utility Units 3      
Service [Maintenance] Squadrons 9            
Staff Squadrons  3            
Tactical Reconnaissance Squadrons 22            
Tow Target Squadrons 7            
Troop Carrier Squadrons 28            
Transport Squadrons 1
Weather Squadrons 3
Weather Reconnaissance Squadrons 1            
Disc was compiled by Cal Taylor, LtCol, USAF, (ret). Copyright
January 2009.
    FirstFleet Publishers
2154 Beverly Beach Dr NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Price: $25

Shipping & Handling: (Domestic); $2.50

Shipping & Handling: International; $5.50 (1-2) $7.50 (3-5)

Sales Tax (WA state addresses): $2.18 per CD

      360-866-9696, Firstfleet@aol.com        

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Sample Patches below are 100 dpi and reduced in size. Patches on disc are 300 dpi and approximately 3" x 3".