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Welcome to birth Stories

Do you love to read birth stories? I do! I couldn't get enough of them when I was pregnant. In this site you will find an assortment of birth stories. They are put in catagories for easy finding. If you would like your birth story to be submitted please fill out the form. If you would like to add a picture(s) with your story then please email me instead at and just attach the picture with your story.

Medication free births

Chantal's Story Episiotamy, and a perfect baby boy
Tanya's Story's pictures included, two stories on same page
Cathys story's stirup almost falls on baby
Sophie's story's induced twice
Trish's Story One very long contraction
Trish's Story Second birth, inducment

Twins or more

Trish's story babies born a month early

unasisted births

Natalie's story baby born in car.
Anita's Story Baby born in car, father missed all the action
Amber's story delivered by brother in law at home

Medicated births

Heather's Story 5 days overdue, had baby night after grad.
Sam's Story Picture included, gorgeous baby boy
Jayne's Story first baby girl
Paula's story 12 days overdue
BevJ's story Labour or gas?
Merydian's story husbands ex-girlfriend is a nurse in the room
Sandy's Story epidural did not work
Carla's Story a called off c-section
kara's Story high blood pressure
Patricia's StoriesAmazing Stories
Colene's Story Cord around baby girl's neck
jaynes storySecond birth, fast, but with some problems

C-Section births
Paulas story Would not dialate
Jen's Story 10 fingers and 22 toes
Jennifer's Story baby spent weeks in NICU

water/home births
Heather's story The birth of Lily

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