Monday, January 31 2000-DI section completed.. refaced mainpage to load faster and more efficent, took out fancy java crap.. working on Anti-Flag section. More to come later.
Saturday, January 29 2000- Slow updates I know.. I've been thinking about this page and have decided to cut back somethings and just stricly have it straightforward.
Thursday,December 2 1999- Dead Kennedys Tab is complete, unless I can find more. Sorry for the slow update, I had finals to study for.
Thursday,November 18 1999- Dead Kennedys section completed, Tab growing slowly but surely.
Saturday,November 13 1999- Total Chaos, No Use For A Name sections are finished. Games Section Finished. Tabs still under construction, but growing rapidly. Dead Kennedys section a little over half way complete.

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