The Daily Grind

Until It's Gone
Buildings will replace the trees pollutions will replace the air we breath I'm close to the mountain, 15 miles away but I can't see the hills from here today. We can't just let it pass us by and as I look into the sky something in the atmosphere is telling me it won't be here for long. Take a picture of this place cause extinction is not so far away our skin will fry like a steak well done when there's nothing between us and the sun. Until it's gone, until it's gone, until it's gone we'll never miss it until it's gone. All the efforts seem to fail with cars and cans of aerosol I feel so guilty, then my pride will die when I see the grey, self- created sky. Until we find a better way we'll have to learn from all our big mistakes something in the atmosphere is telling me it won't be here for long. Seems like a letter that we cannot send feels like aluminum we cannot bend tastes like a mixture that we cannot blend but we must change the course, of the recipe to the end.

What's his name
He used to be a suit and tie business man when the monthly payments came he just packed his bags and ran never listened to reason all the bills were so unpayed and now he's holding a cardboard sign that says "I;'m not the one to blame." He used to be a healthy man, a wealthy man try to bum a dollar to avoid the garbage can he can't believe that it turned out this way he can hear the people say "Old what's his name." He payed for alcohol when it was time to pay the rent all his money came easy, now a dime is heavent sent he payed the dealer when it was time to pay his dues how his life is a bottle, a bag, and a ripped up pair of shoes. Old what's his name.

Permanent Rust
She was corruption when I was destruction I'm seein' through her eyes like cellophane it used to be I'd see her face and feel so small no the only face I see is the picture on I'm throwing darts at on the wall. Where did she go? When loneliness is all I had to show If I couldn't trust her then, who could I trust? The pillow is wet with tears and permanent rust Just when I thought I was out of the dark I'm holding her tight and she breaks the light! She was dead in my mind, but her ghost is still around it come sback to haunt me, it doesn't want me it just happened to be passing through my town it took so long to realize the truth I resent every word I said... That's when I knew, one and one don't make two! I knew that sleepless night whne she never came home she's probably drinking showhere knowing I'm alone the road to nowhere is a long winding street maybe someone will be there at the end, but it won't be me!

Biomag Lyrics Too dumb to print

Another home is lost from someone who was poor another body found for the government to ignore another cop caught beating up on innocence anothe rlaw that seems to make no fucking sense natural disaster is just something we don't need anothe rperson tested positive to H.I.V. another mountain side that we cannot see another politician's life remains a mystery. Newspaper headlines, do they tell us what is right, or what is wrong? I wanna know exactly what the fuck is going on the media has built a fortress all around our illbred minds will I see it broken down before I lay down and die the clock is winding down just matter of time before it comes here to this town... countdown. Another wall is built between color and race another wrong decsion about peace is made another chemical is dumped into the sea another fact is not exactly what you read another piece of land that just could not be saved another education rhat could not be paid anothe rkiller in the street is romaing free another day, another pain, another misery. I've got a feeling, I've got a bad feeling inside.

Hazardous To Yourself
Just read an article on clogging arteries renewed my subscription to my health foor magazine don't wanna die young, paranoid about the future I'm only 19 and I'm a health food connoisseur. Right now I'm sitting in a room I could be lying in a box it I don't eat right some people tell me what is good and bad for me I don't trust anyone but health week magazine mom makes me food that sucks and I refuse to eat lock myself in my room, lose thiry pounds a week. Stay locked in your room all day, your warped imagination stacks of books are piled high, with useless information let your anxiety tell you what is good and bad for you let paranoia tell you what to do You always say it's a hazard to your health why don't you put your fucking fear back on the shelf because the only hazard I see, the only hazard I see the only hazard I see is yourself. Signed a petition to get smoker sout of here I got the figures on second hand smoke death rate every year can't go outside my room, you know I just can't leave I'm too afraid thatI wil lcatch some wierd disease. My doctor tells me I'm a Hypochondriac he claims he can help me, but he'd stab me in the back been all around my room, there's othing good to eat health magazine with ketchup is my new delicacy.

The Daily Grind Another morning and I'm awake the same old thing but a different day I want to drive but my tank is dry the gorund is wet with rains greedy people ar epushing me needy people in misery it's a push and shove community but how the hell can I complain. On the other side of town people are sleeping on the ground look not far and you will find a tragedy, the daily grind. Seems like when the times are tough that hope is down and the price goes up there's not enough jobs to fills a cup and the streets are filled with shame here I am in a traffic jam and ugly faces stare me down and they call this thr right side of town but still I can't complain.

Feeding The Fire
It used to be easy to listen to people and take everything with a grain of salt but now that I'm older I still ehar voices and I do not wish to be involved. I don't want be involved with the incinerator anymore that lifesytle is such a bore find the door. I want to leave this place can't take it anymore locked in a room and the flames are burning down around me and now I see the door but I won't find a key it's kinda sd but I'll never find a better place to be i'm not feeding the fire anymore. It make sme want to keep it locked inside you got the gasoline but I don't have a light I wanna hang out it's not a good time i'd rather be somewher ethat I could fine people that don't live off the words that are said by someone else cause talking shit is so bad for your health.

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