Pledge of Defiance

Take to the streets spread the word around politicians and priests are bringing us down they have a list of do's and dont's they know all your wills and wont's of course that's the way that it's always been if it's not illegal then it's a sin gotta keep us all in line with guilt looks as though we've finally built babylon. Send you to school where you're carfully taught then control your every thought saying give us money and we'll give you love send you all to heaven above teach you to be good and to grow up strong nobody taught me how to get along stuff you full of things just to fill your head but it does you no good when you end up dead in babylon. for an unseen god you start a war burn a witch and kill the poor I've had enough of telling lies, I've had enough of religious crimes. I don't need to reverend moon I don't need no krishna too no more kings will wear the crown now its time to tear down babylon.

What's left for us?
Bombs exploding society corroding governments imploding what's left for us? arms in space nuclear waste war and haste whats left for us? concrete thriving buildings rising greenland dying What's left for us? NOTHING!

Fuck the System
I don't wanna live by your rules a stupid system made by fools I don't wanna live by your rules a stupid system made by fools. fuck the system fight the system fuck the system

Lives are squandered
As the government starts another war drafts the unwanted and the poor to keep the company up at a high our lives are squandered we're gonna die. Throw down your weapons and fight against the war and give the money to help the homeless and poor.

Gomer Pyle
society- dog pile religion-shit pile the government- dirt pile military- gomer pyle army, airforce, marines, shit pile! training our children to go out and rage war some may come hom but the rest will be dead mentall scarred for childhood too late after being in war unconscious to why... giving them war toys they buy at the store the system conforms them for their country they'll die.

Good versus evil a classical tale but a dreadful fact the evil prevails a nation of destruction a nation of death and a crazed leader marches us to our death in this country of blood and power is this reason to start a war you try to deny the truth of this matter stop the war you fucking whore wake up its feels like a dream byt the nightmare continues now...

Twisted Cross
twisted church twisted cross worship racist holocaust c.s.a, a.a.n. where did this hate all begin hating jews, black the same white supremacy, that's your game training your children to wear white sheets, your amerika is not for me private army white elit amerikan facists-nazis stink the covenant, the sword, the army of the lord of the devils hungry hoard.

Riot City
riot breaks out everyday from racism to people's gain bloody riot to fiery hells riot's a fact that never fails riot city- L.A. riot city- u.s.a. riot city- U.K. riot city- africa let's riot lets riot let's riot today against the police or c.i.a stand up and don't be quiet it's a total fucking riot riot city-china riot city-russia riot city- irael riot city- germany

Racial Rapture
Black or white it's all a disgrace mockery of the human race don't think you really wanna try it it's a total racial riot racial rapture- peace destructor racial rapture- blows the structure invasion of the poor chinese looks like it's become a disease their shattered screams still reach some ears and thell them of their darkest fear racial rapture- fear the blame racial rapture- the world's insane mexicans who cross the border driven back by human mortar foreign children covered with flies why doesn't this country open their eyes peace destructor

Pledge Of Defiance
I pledge my defiance to the flag for destruction of the native american culture and to this republic from which it stands one nation under god heads I pledge my defiance to the flag I pledge my defiance to the U.$. government no liberty no justice for people with low incomes a country built on blood and power a country built on inhuman dreams I Pledge my defiance to the flag I pledge my defiance to the U.$ government. from this day forward I wil ldo everything in my power to fight you to destory your government and to brun your flag destory everything to do with this inhuman dream.

Suicide Mission
Get in line, stand at attention it's time to die for the one-way system here's a helmet, grab a gun killing the enemy's lots of fun. load down with patriotism and send you on a suicide mission you believe the shit they stick in your head it's your own damn fault you wind up dead don't wanna die for the one-way system or want to live there no more don't want to go on a suicide mission and die in some stupid war the leaders get fat while good men die because nationialism's a fucking lie the war machines they think they need are never enough to fuel their greed conquering armies kill the poor it's mankind's fault he invented war don't want to die for the one- way system or want to live there no more don't want to go ona suicide mission and die in some stupid war. The death toll soars a horrible vision children dying for a backwards system nothing good comes out of war just the profits of the captialist whore.

Initial Distrust
Not going to fight, because you want me to not going to lie just because you do not going to die in awar for you not going to trust what you say or do! won't ask you questions, because you'll lie not going to answer when you ask me why I think you're lame you think you're sly I won't feel sorry for you when you die sick of the lies, sick of the spies and working nine to five just to die sicks of the lies, the ones I despise waiting opportunity never arrives initial distrust- the system's corrupt you're buried alive beneath your own lie intial distrust- a system that sucks pathetic greed in your daily life initial distrust- civilize us? parying to gods that can't save you from turning to dust! no toging to say what you want to hear not going to change because you think I'm wierd not going to live in a world of fear no going to quit going to persevere not going to listen to what you say not going to play games, the ones you play not paying taxes to profit you not going to do anything for you sick of the lies, what is the price? even money corrodes distorting what's valued in life.

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