Patriotic Shock

Punk No Die
I've seen kids come and go year by year another when I thought it was a belief for life you can bet I'm in it for life. Punk we're in it for life Punk will no die Were' in it for life bet you we'll fight. Now your punk for a year using it for a trend when I thought it was a belief for life you can bet we're in it for life.

Propsition of Change
You started media distorting all the facts you even brainwashed me so I didn't know how to act Your attempt at thought control didn't work on me I was born and raised to hate authority You to tell the masses Anarchy is blind you try to tell them that my kind has lost their mind Why don't you tell the truth Give the public facts Your backwards system is never going to last. I got no time for you I got no time for you Only time for revolution now I got no time for you.

End of White Supremacy
no group or race of people should ever rule the world the end of white supremacy. The fall of the KKK and Nazism A human dream come true the end of white supremacy. I've talked about racism for years and years but you still don't learn it is wrong to hate another human being because of color or country they were born. Now im going to comes a threat to your lies. Equality and international love is the answer to save ourworld the end of white supremacy.

My Generation
Our generation is raving mad your generation is fucking sad our generation is for the working class your generation is kicking ass. Were going to fight to free ourselves fomr a system that can't relate From a system that will not change From a system thats fucking lame From a system that's gone insane. Our generation is fcuking pissed Your generation won't be missed Our generation is going to kick your ass. Your generation is part of the past.

Unite to Fight
Government corruption human extinction it keeps us oppressed it fucks us over this state fucking sucks now it's time to fight Let's come together now it's time to unite. Don't be a slave to them now it's time to fight unite to fight Against the govenrments unite to fight smash the government Don't let them get you down smash the government... Now!

Vacation to Violation
Have a blast on your vacation next you know your in violation now your mind is in desperation to come up with an explanation Now the cops want you in jail with no money you have no bail you don't want to be ina cell yu put yp a fight so you can bail. Vacation to Violation the party's over your in jail with no money you got no bail Now your free Your out of jail You got the money so you can bail

Kill the Nazis
Kill the nazis kill em all kill the nazis right now kill the nazis kill em dead kill the nazis smash their heads. kill the nazis kill them dead shoot them dead in the head take a shovel to his friend round them up on a ship shoot a missle in the side to the bottom there they go nazis are better off dead.

Patriotic Shock
Theres a problem with the government when the government mad when the final solution comes it would be rad. I don't care what the governments say cus it just don't matter now anyway I don't know if the government's true but the government after you. I don't need no politicians they always make the wrong decisions. Don't even know wrong from right. Starting wars they don't even fight I guess what it is I'm trying to say is the governments don't matter now anyway I don't know if the government's true but the governments after you

Squatters Song
we are the punks of L.A. Brought together in unity we live in the squats or a shit-hole place but that the only home we know. together we take the streets for some little change if shit comes down tonight we must throw down and fight we must bond together survival is the only key we swill some beers tonight and hit the streets in unity. Standing in the drinking field or in the drinking aisle getting fucked together I love this life keeping our head above the shit A life you'll never understand. We are the punks of L.A. brought together in unity.

Non Conformist
Standing on the corner with nothing to do You get shit for being you. they want to be just like them but you wanna be yourself you wanna set yourself free. You must fight fight fight for what you believe fight for what is right now swilling some beers You wanna kick some ass. Some rednecks approach to fufill the task You just wanna be your own damnself Punk forever I promised myself.

Freedom Denied
Theres a man in the back he wants to get you on smack. your first impression He's insane but now he's trying to get your mind. Smack man he wants your freedom Smackman Your freedom is denied. Now you try your first dose Now he's got you for the most Your body screams in pain you think you might go insane. Smack man he wants you freedom Smack man your freedom is denied. Addicted to heroin is no fun People die one by one your body screams in pain You did it now you got no brain. Smackman he wants your frredom Smackman Your freedom is denied Your freedom is denied till your dead.

Direction From Rage
Duplications of Frustrations absent from morality corrupts our progeny depriving the opportunity Humanity consequently is all our responsibility compel the insight it's time for whats right.There's an abused child born everday Oppressed and Condemned for selfish power. Raped from innocents replaced by hate.

You selfish Bastard disgrace to the human race with your domination and power You're spitting in our faces feel what is real equality and unity your kinds has no place Your not the antidoe youre the infection You are all wrong. You don't belong.

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