Leche Con Carne

Justified Black Eye
She was confused and abused in this life emotional and violent moments seemed to take the longest time. Every single knockout dragout fight they ever had, apologizes and dignity denied. He starts to laugh, he starts to lie with suddenly psychotic eyes. Every night she cried herself to sleep she didn't recgnize her own facein the mirror black and blue, so afraid intimidation like a child she hides away he would always try to justify what wasn't true. Justified Black Eye. Taken for granted she sleeps by the phone waiting for a call from him but it seems he's never coming home, 14 beers later he is there without an answer once againshe questions his lies he goes to bed with no reply. Tommorow morning different story and he'll be a different guy, he'll justify her black eye with another life, she packs her bags in great temptations he's on his knees again he cries a hug and a kiss and a don't know why as a tear drops from her swollen eyes, apologies until tonight and another justified black eye.

Couch Boy
Sometimes the news bums me out it doesn't get me off the couch where I belong I guess as world problems never seem to rest. Am I afraid, God yes I am, Won't somebody tell me why my T.V. claims we're born to die like this. Communicate don't seperate don't instigate a world of hate contemplate the situation. Negotiate those lazy ways we've gone too far to slip away solution is an invitation and all this time we've had to change it. Now it's time to face it. Lazy I am realistically what can I do. I'l leave it up to the rest of you. You wouldn't like my point of view anyway, how can I stand aside and watch the weary world go by? It's easy you see when you have't got a window just a screen.

Monday morning you woke up crying the outcome of a stupid line oh-oh said by some asshole on the street it wasn't me it wasn't you it wasn't anybody you knew it is you old friend insecurity? The one companion that stuck by your side since you were born. Tuesday night you were in a fight the same old arguement black and white it's something that;s eating you inside. It's not the food, it's not the booze, it isn;t anything consumed so is it becoming a problem you can't hide? So every time you thought that you were wrong you were right. The devil on your shoulder give you strength in paranoia. The countless times you cal la few your best friend till the end of time the'll always be there by your side solidify conditions you've abused. What that means you'll never have a clue. More then just a life long friend no social life I guess we can prentend. It's not like I care but anyway. You always wanna leave, you always wanna stay cause you thinnk if you drink too much then you will lose it. You'll drink your security away. The one companion that stuck by your side since you were born. The little voice inside your head annoying and confusing that somehow tells you what to do. Socially you've lost you mind and basically you're out of time You try to build so much it breaks on you. What that means you'll never have a clue.

51 Days
51 days without a trace or an indication that his God would soon be here to take them all away waiting for the final day and for the God who never came. They all ended up in flames. Moved by the power of a charming leader with the love of God and the hatred of humanity. Led to a place where he could hide and lead the blind, only to find, tragedy. Having his way with all the women cause his detah would soon be here living his life in a dream. 85 people, 23 children and a lot of them we're his, his to the end, never be free. he promise dthem enternal life if they'd walk into a fire. Now we see the charred remains, apocalyptic funeral pyre I guess he got what he desired all in 51 days.

Leave It Behind
When we came her eit was done, I felt completely useless. Never learned to quite adjust and all along they knew this carousel would someday stop and throw us off in anger I guess I didn't think I'd ever see this sitcom dramedy they wrote the script for us already. It's not the time that makes us guilty, it's all done, the hatreds built the walls divide and when I die I'll leave you with these animals that think the future's in their minds, it's in their minds but they're so blind. And so I leave it behind, ecological Man-made crime. And so I leave it behind to these miraculous, intelligent, incredible extraordinary minds. Junk mail stacked into the sky, recycled paper and plastic then we said we would try, decreasing figures were drastic, but it didn't do much good, nobody cares about it. Not much emotion in my neighboorhood, my apratment's made of wood. I haven't given more then I could. It's not the time that makes us guilty. It's the ones before the ones that lit the fuse. Cancer causeing somg injecting in the vein that makes the world go round so fast and wou won't last it's in the past.

Redemption Song (Bob Marley)
Old pirates yes they rob ISold I to the merchant ships Minutes after they took I From the bottomless pit But my hand was made strong By the hand of the almighty We forward in this generation Triumphantly All I ever had, is songs of freedom Won't you help to sing, these songs of freedom Cause all I ever had, redemption songs. Redemption songs Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds Have no fear for atomic energy Cause none of them can stop the time.How long shall they kill our prophets While we stand aside and look Some say it's just a part of it We've got to fullfill the book. Won't you help to sing, these songs of freedom, Cause all I ever had, redemption songs Redemption songs, redemption songs.Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.None but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy. Cause none of them can stop the time. How long shall they kill our prophets. While we stand aside and look Yes some say it's just a part of it. We've got to fulfill the book. Won't you help to sing, these songs of freedom. Cause all I ever had, redemption songs All I ever had, redemption songs These songs of freedom, songs of freedom.

Straight From The Jacket
So sorry sir you're worrying you mother, no explanations gonna make it seem alright young boy, listen to your father, it's more then just your life, it's more than suicide. How does it feel? When you're looking down the barrel of a loaded gun...Tell me how it feels. Did you see you life flash right before you eyes? Stop playing games and get yourself up off the floor. Young boy we're gonna send you to the lions the men all dressed in white, when you become undone. How does it feel when I might have brought you up but you are not my son. So many times I tried to bring you up you brought me down. I won't consider you again. Stop looking at me like you cared I worked my fingers to the bone. I'm not your father or a friend. You might have lived her eonce but this is not your home. Tell me how ti feels. Tou don't mean much to me. I didn't plant the seed. I'm not your father cause you didn't turn out right. Young boy we're gonna feed you to the fire. It's more then just your life, it's nore than suicide. How does it feels? How does it feel? How does it feel? When you're looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.

Fields of Agony
How many people, how many have died? I'm feeling lucky and afraid at the same time. How many times have you sat at home and wondered why? We always ear about the U.S.A. but not the other side. In fields of agony. Everbody dies. How many humans, how many does it take? We get a cedar box and they get a body rake. How many lives does it take before we can end this way? Bring Johnny home soon, he forgot what the fuck that they were fight for... In Fields of Agony. I don't wanna die or be sent home on a cargo plan. A tag on my toe without my name because I'm one of a million.. A million... How many weapons, how many do we need? What about the economy? What about the economy? You'll be the hero at the end of your catastophe. It can't be stopped with unity with collaboration of you and me... and human dignity.. in Field of Agony..

Fatal Flu
It taught you a list, how to be afraid. and hwo to understand your life is not a game. It's more then alesson now you can learn no more from love. Even with that wisdom in your mind there's still that poison in your blood. You wouldn't touch the breakfast that I made for you how could you lie? Losing weight you start to shake, you're scaring me I wonder why? Victim of environment, I cannot stand aside and watch you die. Everyday you went to school trying to maintain your cool, with people sitting far away from you. no lesson learned here prejudice prevails. You're an outcast to the ignorance of other people's mental jails...Soon you'll be free you can live again my friend. Darkness is better than this life you live. Sympathy I give to you, that is all that I can do. I'm sorry that you're stuck here with this fatal flu there's not much I can do. They taught you a lesson how to stay away. Victim of you solitude one out of ten and one was you victim of society's incurable disease, the fatal flu.

It seems that you're in trouble and the finger points at you... it seems that you get mixed up in your many points of view. One setence contradictions are you "worst favorite thing" and you believe that what you know is only what you read. i don't expect you to understand I never though you could, with a heart of stone and a brain made out of wood. You never asked a question and the answers always there. We try so hard to give opinions but you don't even care... you leave the room when you are told the're so much more to learn, just give it time and you will find your knowledge was deserved.

Life must be empty when living a lie, with something to hdie and nothing to show. You have learned nothing but how todestory, things that friends love you couldn't leave alone. Someday it's gonna hit you between the eyes, that we're not sixteen years old anymore. One day those peoaple that sued to welcome youwith open arms, will see you coming and hide then lock the door. People that listened to you were afraid. Even friends that knew you as a kid. Now you are sorry, but you'll never change. Change the things that you already did. Someday it's gonna hit you between the eyes. That the seed have already been sown. Find your own garden because you still need space to grow. Until that time you will remain alone. Don't try to come around with your pathetic lies cause I can see it in your eyes that you will always be the same and you will never change the past that you have brought among yourself and this is why we have to say goodbye. It's time for truth and not for lies... taht you have always told. Your trusts was bought and sold...you're all alone.

Yesterday becomes tomorrow leaves you wanting more so intricate becomes the bathroom floor and even though you're in a ditch you dig a deeper hole and I feel like I'm a shovel cause it's out of my contol. Promised a change, didn't hear a word from you don't hold me back. The exit isn't somewhere in my heart. A promise of pain...we're back to the start. The reason that I still persist it obvious I care. been waiting by a dor with no one there. It seems like you are locked inside my key don't fit no more. and you're walking on the land mines you laid down before. Promised a change I didn't hear a word from you. Don't hold me back. The exit isn't somewhere in my heart. A promise of pain...we're back to the start.

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