You're feeling really good and smart. You passed your test with a high score of 93. But it doesn't matter cause you smashed your car. Time to return to the DMV. Parking tickets, too much money, fifty dollar fines. Sweaty people, last ine in a fifty mile line. Make an appointment now if you can't drive; it's time you learn. Just get in the back of the line. What do you get, what do I get, what do we get? nothing in return. We make better drivers and make sure the roads are safe. The how come kids are dying in car accidents everyday? We have the best facilities for learning satisfaction. First they took my license and then my registration. Can't stop getting tickets, don't have the time or money man. Now they're gonna impound my car! DMV...

Sign The Bill
Back in history in the roaring 20's, there was a lwa called prohibition. No one was to drink or make alcohol. Today in the 90's we have a new law. People getting mugged by strung out junkie thugs. legalize Drugs. people getting shot and you know it's over pot. Legalize drugs. Drugs. Legalize Drugs. History repeats that sure is thr truth. But does America learn from its no so distant past. We have a new problem facing us today. Let's take the opportunity and blow it all away. People spreading AIDS because of addictive ways. Legalize Drugs. People needing crack might just stab you in the back. Legalize Drugs. Drugs. Legalize Drugs. So now you might be saying Drugs are for losers. I don't really care about the substance abusers. But one day when you come and all your things are gone, you might change your mind and learn to sing this song. Now let's get one thing straight, we want to let you know. We're not telling you to do Drugs before or after the show. We want to put an end to the murders and the crimes. We believe people should use their own minds!

It Won't happen again
It's been a long time since I've put up with you. It's been a long time since I've dealt with you. The complaining and moaning and bitching and groaning. Laughing and hating and silence and frustration. It's been a long time and I'm not about to let it happen again. Why is it that you persist. My only reaction can be to resist. You enter my life and only cause strife. It's been one time too many. I've had it! What can I do with you. These times are too hard for me to see through. Why is it always the same. Your existence alone drive me insane. When I look around you're always there hounding me. No matter what I do, it seems that I can't break free. Won't let it happen again. That;s right, I need some room to breathe. So I act to make you leave, but you don't understand!

Hail To the King

She loves him just enough, to be laid there. Spread eagle exposing her love. Her sighs and moans meant nothing to him. But a girl must do what she must do. Hail to the King. And his court of love. Was it love? Or self-imposed lust? hey, it's not your duty to me. I'm just a boy, not a king. It never felt right from the start. Speak to me, I'll understand. Now it's over and in the past. About the future, should we laugh? Regret it, try hard to regret it Learn by our mistakes and try not to forget.

It's 2:37 P.M. I want to go to the store to buy some sunflower seeds in case I got nothing to do tonight. I like kids. So I'm walking to the store and the neighbors kid run into me with a tricycle. After I kicked the brat off the bike, I walk into a pile of shit, After that I hit my head on a stop sign, so I cross the street and stumble into the store. I feel like shit. I live in a ditch. my life is hell. My house smells. It's 3:14 as I get into the store. Walking down the frozen food sectioin I touch the forzen burritos. I pass the deli department and put my fingersin some free cheese sample dip. I finall see the sunflower seed aisle. Ther eit is. The gleamy view. My savory nightmare entertainment. He never has any friends. He doesn't care about what happens. If you see him walking down the street, then hide your kids and toss the key. There is a guy and they call him the wierdo. He went to the store to buy sunflower seeds. I know a guy and they call him the wierdo. He doesn't care about you or me!

Truth Hits Everybody
You had me thinking like a purple ocean. Oh, what a line for me to start this song. You may be sleeping by an open door and... You may be saying that these words are wrong. Take a look at my new toy. It will blow the head off of a boy. Truth Hits Everybody. Truth Hits Everybody. You had me thinking in a backwards motion. You use no Scope to smell your daddy's breath. She not choose to use no suntan lotion. If you don't like the words then you can guess. Where you want to be, can't you ever see?

Felix was a little cat. He had a little magic sack. He used it in his time of need, to run from pain. But Felix was a little cat. And we are people, that's a fact. We can't bail out like a toon. Let's face the world. It's out mistake. We should try and relate, and know that what is done is done by hand of fate. Searching for a reason to live. But we're too tired to give. About the state of mind that drives us all to hate.

"No! Thats wrong; I'm always right. I love to get in arguments, I love to fight. Of course I'm right, I'm never wrong." He's as gullible, he played the fool all along. People like you should be punched. Punched right in the face! feeding us your lies, gonna put you in your place, smash your face, oh yeah! You're such a fool, still you keep your cool, and when you're proven wrong, then you're not so strong. I'm through with holding any frust in you. I should have known all along, you made up truth was nothing but a con.

I Detest
Money makes the world go round,in ever city and every town. Everybpdy has to work, but no one gets what they deserve. The IRS and Uncle Sam have manufactres a master plan to profit off all our hard work! I DETEST the IRS for taking money out of our paychecks. They go our number and they know what we make. They're always trying to get a slice of the cake. The profit and money means a better way of living life. The American dream, I don't know about you, but maybe for them. The IRS is not for me.

Puppet Show Looking, laughing, talking all your shit. Wondering if you live your life just so you can fit. Cold it be real. Or you're a fake. Nobody's that way...Give me a fucking break. No recognition is what we should give to people like this that me how to live. The ones who criticize, they gossip and they smile, the people that live the way that they decide. This is not a puppet show. No one in the world is hanging on a string. Take a look around, there are people everywhere. They might be doing circles but it's their own thing.

Record Thieves
Hey, can I borrow that? I promise I'll give it back net time. But take a good look at it you'll never see it agai. I'll steal anything just a slong as it's collectable. But if you steal something better than me, I'll turn you in. Yes, we are record thieves, Existing to please ourselves. if you invite us in, keep watch on your record shelves. if we can't have it no one can. So if you have something we want, we'll ask to borrow it for "just a few days" And forevermore it will be gone. Hey, becareful when you pick that up. Dpon't get fingerprints on the cover-the album is rare. Oh what? That's yours? Oh yeah. I borrowed it a year ago. So go ahead and thrast it, ya know I don't really care.

Power Bitch
A knock on the door I open it up i comes the queen. All dressed to perfection, awaiting deception but in my mind one thought to flee. The look in her eye has crossed paths with mind and stills the last time we met. Supression had started like last when we parted. I wish she would just stay away. She's just a Power Bitch. That I already know. She's just a Power Bitch. Straight froim the depths below. She's just a Power Bitch. Domination her game. She's just a Power Bitch. I think I'm going insane. Now she comes in, flashing a grain, seals the door just like my fate. Off with her clothes, stone cold I am froze, out comes the beats from within. Whipping and slashing, kicking and slapping, all I can do is scream. My life is in shambles, a girl I can't handle, I hope this is all just a dream. She's just a Power Bitch.

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