Dont Miss The Train

Born Addicted
A woman sits inside a room, enclosing her lungs with deadly fumes, her boyfriend left a long time ago, I guess he didn't know... She'd sip lamaze class every night, stays at home with her mouth to the pipe, a basehead in full maternity, when my baby is born "It'll look just like me." No responsiblity the baby is born addicted, Drugged automatically the infantile life is inflicted. Extroversion has taken her control. It's given name was Jack, but it might as well be crack. Born deaf, dumb and blind, what she left behind is only left to die... why? If you take a life don't take one with you. Don't pass your disease to someone else. We don't have the cure to make it all better. It's in your womb and connects to your mouth, The front door of hell...

Thorn In My Side
Remember these words "I'll never let you down." "You are my friend and you can talk to me" so why am I? Still standing all alone. That's no the way that it's supposed to be. Thorn in my side, talk about me kiss my ass. Thorn in my side, I felt it jabbing the first time that you lied... Deep Inside. You gave me silence, I tried to talk to you. I got denied and tried to think it through. You had no reason, I saw no warning sign. You think I'll stick around, you must be on glue. So now I'm thinking, you'll turn your back on me. The second you find a better place to be. It's in our nature to hurt each other. I'll never find my place in this world of greed.

Looney Toon I lived to grow up in the seventies, the harmlessness of cartoons that I watched on T.V. Now it's gotten violent, mentality close to none, This si what happens when a child buys a gun. What would daddy say if I blew mom away? The curiosity gunned her down to the floor. I guess the T.V. Lied, The hero (a) (b) Rabbit never dies. Now look at her she's not breathing anymore (how do you feel?) I never thought life was real. now I sit in the a room with no cartoons, they put me away, been labeled insane.

Well it's been a long time, since I learned about the bridge. I try sneaking by, but it's my feelings that I pay with. Tired of giving, tired of caring. On the tollbridge, I'm forced to pay my way. Some may try to slide right by, thinking life's just a free ride. I wanted everything for free. But I know it will never be. Have no money to pay with and it seems that the bridge is closed, humble feelings, eating crow, better try another road. You have got to show control,there's so much you've got to know, As i cross the bridge I watch my step "better get out of her: Gotta pay my dues, wanna earn respect next time I hope that they don't refuse.

There's an oddity running down the stream, everbody's buying those C.F.C's. As the story unwinds it just gets sadder, cause every store uis selling that extraneous matter. We have no tools to fix the hole in the sky. Told by fools that you're the reason why. Paper or plastic, diesel or unleaded. It doesn't stop humanity from where it is headed. They always lie about it, but we always seem to find it in the air. We always try to fight it, when mendaciously they hide it. Everywhere (hole in the sky) They always lie about it, but we always seem to find it in the air. And when you try to fight it, Just remember who decides it. If you care.

Another Step
The iron curtain has been lifted just today. After war is finally over, a faction finds it way, the KGB is evil,tanks are running over people, can't you see? This country's on a ship, navigating to a failing destiny... They're not afraid to, and won't hesistate to. Take it up another step, take it up another step. Though old ideals were gone but we were wrong, now we see it hasn't left, now we see it hasn't left.. Another step!!

Don't Miss The Train
So many different things you can do with your life. So many different thing if you have the time. Give a little more, give it your best shot. On the right track you can't be stopped. All the things I said that I would do. All the brilliant idead that slipped right through. Sometimes we got to get on and climb aboard, but I was one day late and a dollar short. Don't miss the train, don't miss the train, don't miss the train, don't miss the train,Don't miss the train, don't miss the train, don't miss the train, don't miss the train. It could be the only chance we have. Have you ever sat and thought about other things? Living on the street, hanging by a string, letting people take away your name. Letting people push you into your grave. What you gotta do is stand up for what is yours, breaking all the barricades, smash the doors. if the chance comes around to save your life, remember opportunity doesn't always knock twice. The decision is entirely up to you, so don't watch the train pass right through. There is another time that you will meet in life. But the second visit won't be nice. So now you're walking in your sorrow on lonely tracks, hopeing one day the train will come back. Light on in the tunnel just up ahead. The train is back, but now you're dead... TOO LATE.

There is aman I know, who lives across the street. Every time I sit down at the table, he surveys what I eat. He's watching out for crime, to happen at any time. He's always minding someone's business, and the business is usually mine. he's making sure that I don't have fun. Becase he lives alone. He's watching in the darkness, of his home... Watching you, watching me six remote controls, so he can sit back on his ass, and watch the world from his perch, by the window, on the other side of the glass. he say's he looking out for me, but why can't he just see? Just because he has nobody, he has to bother me... Watching me!!!

Punk Points
You were living like an angel, did everything that your life said, no you changed your life intentions, ran away from home and shaved your head. You were tired of living you life, restricted under your parents wings. The weight of the world is on your shoulders, you're not running from anything... Now you're on your own.. far away from home... you go out at night and thrash, to make points on the punk point graph. Trying to prove a point to your family, Living in a car with a gold spoon in your mouth. You get sick, the dirt is thick, You return to home, where the showers are always free... The house is warm, now stay inside.

Tan in a can I saw her just the other day, but she wouldn't look my way. I think she looks tanner than ever, Impossible for mid- Novemeber. Tan in a can..Tan in a can. Lying ther ein that aluminum tube, orange skin, pigmented lotion tube. The friends that you make, the ones I hate, Your body is baked your tan is fake. Now you told your friends at school, said that you laid by the pool looking wrinkled, looking old. Maximum U.V. overload. Tan in a can, tan in a can, tan in a can, tan in a can.

Death Doesn't Care So many people try to do things for themselves, so many heros should be taken off the shelf. Go see a movie, so far from our reality, cue up the line to see people hurt and bleed. We don't fly the only flag on the earth, and a sour brothers die they inherit the dirt. A while back they were chanting "Kill Sadam" but death doesn't care what side you're on. What side you're on... Your oldest brother never came from the war. You had some brothers that you never knew before. So many died, so many T.V.'s lied, the tears they cried, was it really worth your pride? Here comes the war choose your weapon, choose a side. A million children that we can horrify. We spend our money on ammo, tanks and guns. No cash for education try to blame it all on drugs. A drunken man has to get his Thursday fill. A brainwashed soldier has to get his daily kill. Die how you want cause either way you lose. And death doesn't care so it's up to you to choose.

Get Out Of This Town
Picked up a flyer just the other day, my favorite band was coming here to play, last time they passed through no one broke the silence. I hope this time it doesn't turn into a soundtrack for violence. hanging out in the parking lot and everbody's here. There's the straight edge guys and they're pounding beer. Skaters poppin' ollies and skinheads talkin' shop, but here come the nazis at the end of the block.. GET OUT OF THIS TOWN!!! It's packed in this sweatbox as the band begins to blare. A swarming mass of tatoos, muscles, baldness and hair. But now there's a target it's a facist attack, Twenty on one, they know he won't fight back.. GET OUT OF THIS TOWN!!! Got to get out, gotta get out, gotta get out of this town. There's more of us than them but we still don't intervene. The hatred of only a few wrecks everbody's scene. We can overcome their racist shit if everyone's involved. The power of many can crush their few and the problem will be solved... GET OUT OF THIS TOWN!!!

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