Anthems From The Alleyway

Voice of the Streets
The punks are on the streets and the skins are out there too drinking on the beat you'll wanna be there too. The punk are on the streets and the skins are out there too swilling beers for fun and united as one. Rocking to the Oi! beat were goin' out tonight we got the boys together and everything will be all right. We're gonna take this town we're gonna burn it down we're the rebel warriors the best there is around.

Back To Our Roots
I'm sick and tired of punk metal crap can't you see that's not where I'm at I've just gone through a time warp, I say I'm going back to my roots today. I'm never losing, but you know I'm always boozing thinking about the fun of the good old days standing on the corner, where nothing would bore us, listening to the pistols on a summer day. going back to ouy roots, and starting again we're not gonna be apart of no crossover trend we're going back to our, roots and starting again. Now were back to our roots again. I'm not going to be now dog's trend I keep on being myself today and no ones going to lead me astray. I'll keep singing, when the band keeps jamming to the roots of the good old days rockin on the coerner, when punk never bored us, living a destructive life from day to day.

Complete Control
No time to be wasted hangin; around with you I've got better things to shoot for and little time to do can't you see I've got it with no help from you I've turned around, knocked you down and burned the bridge from you. I want control I've got to get control with no regrets, naturally I want complete control. Oh changes will be made to keep control for good. I'll change the whole world and everything around you. I don't need no help and nothing from you I'll get everything I want you know it will be true. complete control complete control complete control.

Boot Party
Oi Oi we're the boys we're the ones that make the noise Oi Oi we're the boys we hit the street like clockwork orange Oi Oi we're the boys we're the ones that make the rules Oi Oi we're the boys we'll beat em down like droogy boys. Hit the streets we're looking for a fight see the nazi's to beat down tonight, beat'em down to ground keep on fighting until they're dead.

Riot 77
1977- when punk first came alive part of the class rebellipon- from the misfits at the time people needed solutions- from the bordem of their lives we still feel the brillance- of the punk scene of that time. Its a riot 77- and punk is still alive It's a riot 77- and the spirit still survives It's a riot 77- when the scene is outta contol It's a riot 77 we say long live punk rock and roll. Now it's 1996- and things are outta control punk has come alive- in a way we couldn't know. I can't say how it survived- bit I knew it always would rocking' out in a punk rock band singing' songs, we always loved.

Be What You Want
People want a solution but maybe there ain't one to give this ain't no revolution. It's just being what you want to be I've just come to the notion that I've got something to say stand up and give your cry be what you wanna be. do what you wanna do says what you wanna say be what you wanna be It don't matter what they say.

Riot City 2
riot breaks out everyday from racism to people's gain bloody riot to fiery hells riots a fact that never fails riot city- LA riot city- USA riot city- UK riot city- Africa lets riot lets riot today against the police or CIA stand up and don't be quiet it's a total fucking riot. riot city- China riot city- Russia riot city Israel riot city- Germany.

Not Anymore
Don't got no time left,. I've lost my home standing on the streets "man" I'm all alone. no job- no girl, nothing on my own looks like I've got no future, my life's gone. Well, I don't care- no not anymore my life's not fair- but I'll even the score. You can't take it- I can't take it I think I'm outta control yoou can't take it- I can't take it I thik I'm gonna explode. I'm living on the edge, with no where to go looks like I've got no plan, no not anymore I've got to get my life back, got to have contol looks like I've got no future my life's blown. No life of my own, my future is gone just wreckage from the past, this life will not last ain't got no freedom, just keep on dreamin' lost in a fading past, in a way it cannot last.

Born to Lose
Well that's the way it goes this city so cold and I'm so cold that's what I know. born to lose- I said hey- born to lose- I said hey- born to lose oh baby I'm born to lose. I have nothing to do I have nothing to sa only one thing that I want. Living in the jungle it ain't so hard living in the city it'll eat out your heart.

Baby, I Hate You
You are the most annoying person, that I have ever met. Why don't you just keep walking, do not stop here. Can't you see that I hate you. I want you to drop dead please stay way from me, and all my friends. I want you to know, I hate you baby I want you to know I don't care so happy where your not around me I'm glad when your not there. I can see that no one ever liked you you get pushed around at school I have always known where to find you in a trash can or in a stall even your mom couln't like you your the slop of them all please stay for me, I'll always say

Crowd Control
You really piss me off everytime I open my eyes I see that our government is just an enenmy in disguise they take away the rights from those they feel aren't deserving we're only blinded by their games they are planning and reserving It's just a crowd control, it will take it's toll. Telling us the things they want us to hear day by day we're living our lives like its just a game nothings gonna change it'll always be the same. It's just a crowd control, it will take it's toll.

Johnny can't read Johnny can't write Johnny didn't have much of a life-oh yeah, oh yeah. His father told him to be amarine, to fight a war he didn't believe in - oh yeah, oh yeah. Johnny told his father he just could not he don't wanna live that way -oh yeah, oh yeah. Johnny always that there was something wrong day by day singing his fathers song. Johnny didn't want to live his life that way now day to day, dying the military way. Johnny was rough, Johnny was tough, but no tough enough, to just say no. Johny went down to sign up that day, they sent him down to basic training. Johnny went to a foreign land he died in the hands of a foreign man we always remember Johnny in his last days.

Lost Boy
I'm a lost boy who dropped outta school, no way- no time. I'm a lost boy who defies all the rules all day- all night. I'm a lost boy who likes to fight, that's right- we'll fight. I'm a lost boy with a fucked-up life, to drunk tonight see through the eyes of a lost boy oh oh....oh oh. Living the like of a lost boy... oh.. oh..

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