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Welcome to the Website of the Patented Pool Saver Product

Are you tired of having your swimming pool in a state of disarray after the winter is over? Here are few common problems that can occur if your pool isn't maintained during the winter, if you rely solely on a single winterization treatment:
Unbalanced pH conditions.
Scaling - calcium deposits.
Algae growth.
Mold growth.
High concentrations of bacteria.
Contamination of water due to the winterization process.
Discoloration from chlorine and acids.
Vinyl liner damage.

How do you get rid of the aftermath?

For algae and mold, you must scrub the surface with a wire or bristle brush depending on pool surface material
The next level of cleaning is typically chemical etching or sand blasting and resurfacing for concrete pools
For scaling you can wait for pool chemicals to reduce the condition, usually with minimal results.
Scouring with pumice stones on concrete pool surface is another option
For contamination; use excessive pool filtration, however,it removes only a portion of the contamination
Or you can replace the entire contents of the pool.

Are you polluting your pool? Here are typical winterization chemicals that you have to add to your swimming pool:
muriatic acid
superchorinate chemicals
shock treatment
scale inhibitor
rust/water inhibitors
hardness inhibitors
chlorine tablets

What is the Pool Saver? It is a build-it-yourself device fabricated from local hardware store purchased components. Any handyman or handywoman can build this project in a few hours. What you will receive are complete itemized parts list, assembly instructions with detailed drawings, and instructions on how to use the Pool Saver. The device works under your pool cover during the off seasons when your pool is covered. The simple device eliminates the two main causes of pool problems 1) water stagnation and 2) chemical depletion creating unbalanced pH conditions. It combines water agitation and chemical injection through a submersible pump system. The device will enable the user to take samples of water and administer the necessary pool chemicals. The Pool Saver is a U.S. patented device (Patent No. 5,518,635). Years of testing has gone into this product with astonishing results year after year.

Benefits of the Pool Saver:

Save money $$ on using existing pool chemicals
Entirely eliminate the need for winterization chemicals
Keep your pool virtually algae and bacteria free
No need to ever deep clean your pool again
No need to replace pool water after winter storage
Whitens most concrete pools
Eliminates water stagnation
No chemical saturation that pollute the condition of the pool’s water
Eliminates cleaning, scouring, or resurfacing
Ability to monitor and control pH of the pool through the off-season months

Sketch of the Pool Saver

The Price for the

Pool Saver

instructions, drawings, and material list is only:

Was:$19.99 ..... Now Only: $14.99

If you would like to purchase the plans, please send check or money order to:

H.F. Kohlman (Herko Products)

624 N. Quillan

Kennewick, WA. 99336

If you would like more information on the device please email:

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