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These are some of the best child safe sites I have found on the web. 
If you find any objectionable material on any of these sites, please email me .  
I will review them and delete them if necessary.

: Because of the nature of the Net,  it is possible to access a series of links that may take a child to almost anywhere. 

Parents should supervise children while they browse the Web. 

Keep this page open to explore. When you are finished close the new window and return to this page to continue exploring. ;-)



K-12 Mathematics & Science   
Ideas and Activities (A-Z)

Escher on the Internet
Puzzle Factory
661 Colouring Pages
Celebrating Wildflowers
Tips for Kids (Stay safe online)
Safety Tips For Children, Parents and Community
Kids and the Internet
Chanukah , the Festival of Lights
Holidays on the net
SC's Fun Stuff for Kids
Kidstaff Web Sites
Award of Excellence Winners Family Sites
Disneyland - Where the Magic Lives Online
Dangerously Beautiful
Roses and a smile for you!
Thinking Caps
k00kie's korner
A Candymaker's Witness
Freebie Ecards (Fun)
Chat emoicons
Hambone The Hamster Freebies For Kids
Easily Amused?
Assalamualaikum and Welcome to Ramadan
SHALOM and WELCOME to Purim on the Net
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Halloween
Page of Puns
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Trivia and Facts about Canada
Droll Quotes
Learn about Holiday traditions
Having a bad day?
Therapeutic humor
A bunch of Sunshine
HouseKeeping Tips :X
Women's Wit
Men's Wit
Animated Dance Pages List
More Fun
Operation Manual for Human Being
Healing with Humor
The Hugging Site
PC Primer
Earth and Moon Viewer
Healthy Love
The Love Test
How Well Do You Love Yourself?
Relaxation Response and Therapy
Webcam of Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Tip World
Select and customize T-Shirts
24 Hour Museum
Kids Mystery
Cliche Finder
For a :-)
Computer images from satellites
Centre for Remote Sensing
Digital pictures updated from Around the World
Ontarios MoT Traveller's Info
Radio Stations Online
Halifax Harbour
Ontario Science Centre
Child Fun
Kids' Books from Disney
A different plot each week
Golden Books Bedtime Stories
Kids Click!
Berit's Best Sites for Children
Ask Jeeves for Kids Just for Kids Who Love Books

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