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Welcome to Framed Floral!


" Pieces Of The Web "

I would like to welcome you to my webpage.
I have enjoyed the time spent
here learning about HTML. The trial and
error has been a great experience for me.
I hope you enjoy my page.

"Only by the heart, and not the mind, Can love be measured or defined."

~George Webster Douglas~

I know things aren't always sunshine and roses..... but don't worry; everyone has their ups and downs, their happy and sads. It's dealing with the clouds and the thorns, right along with the flowers and smiles that serves to strengthen our understanding of ourselves. Just make sure to build bridges instead of walls, with words instead of silence, and with trust and care and love.


Huts A site with many references.
Virtual Reference Sites Sites for over 2,500 information reference locations.
The Starting Page Anything you need!
Wormhole to the Rest of the Internet This site has EVERYTHING!
The Library of Congress The BIG library.
1 America City Home Pages Your #1 Port of Entry to the Internet.
Merriam-Webster Online Here's the Dictionary.
Word Central Student dictionary,daily buzzwords,and word games.
How Stuff Works Find out anything and everything!
Lawrence Livermore: Lists of Lists What can you say, but EVERYTHING!.


Active Network The ULTIMATE Windows Resources.
InfiniSource The Home of Windows-Help.NET. All the help you need.
Lissa Explains It All Easy HTML..Simply put.
HTML Goodies Beginning HTML at .
Animated Gifs Artists Guild Great collection of animated Gifs, lots of talent.
Graphic Links by Marvelicious You shouldn't have to look much further.
Night Angel Midi Files Some of the most BEAUTIFUL music on the Internet
Graphics Ring Members A Large List of Graphic Pages.
The Web's Top Photography Photo links.
Mark Charneski's Flower Scans You can almost smell them.
Moyra's Web Jewels Beautiful graphics.
Sound Station Web Ring An index of many WAV & MIDI sites.
C/Net Download.Com Absolute myriad of shareware.
CallWave Avoid the cost of an extra phone line.
Association of Shareware Professionals Shareware links.


Suegal's Place My 1st Webpage.
Suegal's Spot My 2nd Webpage.
My New Garden of Poems A GREAT read!
Katia's A TRULY beautiful Website!!
Marvelicious Roses This website is SIMPLY beautiful.
~Over The Rainbow~ A beautiful picture and verse.
Romantic Light Artistry A Gallery of Beauty, Light, and Serenity.
((~.~)) sMiLeS from KaThY GREAT online Newsletter.
The "BE" Attitudes! Inspiration from the NET.
Eakle's Family Site Great, fun pages!
Forest of Dreams..Visions of a Fantasy Dreamer An inspiring website, and gently done.
JennysPages A nicely done web site.
Wacky Uses Save this site...VERY useful tips on household items.
WindSong Lots of really good reading.
Adam J. Superchi - Photographer Lots of wonderful photographs.
The Quote Garden Links to Quotes.
Birdies Nest Nestful of E-Cards.
WaterWorld Great Java Lake pages.
ScanWizard's Photography Scanned photography, makes great wallpaper.
Diane's Page about Ireland A great resource for anything Irish.
Knights of Kindness and DragonSlayers Helping others lead a happy life.
My Wonderland A most beautiful, and inspiring site.


NO MORE BORING WEBPAGES website A fun and happy site.
DOBHRANS'S GR-R-REETINGS Fun FREE greetings for everyone.
Remco de Korte-ScreenSavers Bubbloids ScreenSaver..Too Pretty.
The Amazing MAZE Help Smiley find his way back to SmileyLand.
C/dMarie Time Capsule On this day in history.
Bad Dogs and the Women Who Love Them The more I learn about men, the more I love my dog.
Maya Paint Effects Screen Saver You have to see this!
How Stuff Works How Stuff Works is the place for you!
COPYCAT RECIPE CENTRAL Duplicate Recipes for Restaurant Dishes. Java,javascript,and shockwave games.
Top 50 Web Sites That Download Quickly These pages will almost fly into your computer!
Silver Creek Entertainment Download the best hearts, or solitaire games!


Huts's Select Links The BEST links page!
Wall O' Links A web surfers paradise!
Nuttin but Buttons A bunch of button links!
More Nuttin but Buttons Another bunch of button links!
Lots of Links Huge list of links!
Links to the Web Another HUGE amount of links!
Links-R-Us MORE than enough links!
Quikuhla Links Large list of links !
Handi Links Links to ANYTHING you need!
O'Halloran's O'Page Links to many useful sites.
Web 100 100 Best sites on the web.
The Médaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence Sites Award winning, excellant websites list.

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