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Specific Dedications

You may download and place any of these graphics on your own website to show your intolerance of Hate and those who perpetrate crimes against others in its name.

Please link the graphics back to so that others, too, may learn and become a link in a stronger, ever growing, chain. Graphic link image contributions are welcomed.

A special heartfelt thanks to the many artists across the world for rolling up their sleeves, opening their hearts and digging into their bags of pixels to so generously offer the following graphics: 

Thank You Carrie !
graphic by Carrie
Thank You Jeanine!
graphic by Purple Frog
Thank Shamrockgrrl !
graphic by Shamrockgrrl
Thank You Becky
graphic by White Feather
Thank You Becky
graphic by White Feather
Thank You Natalie !
graphic by Natalie


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The individual STH graphics remain the property of the artists who created them. Please use them with love.
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