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Music and Poetry by ZoaLinda


  • Angels Dressed As
    __ Friends
  • Another Day
  • Back To You
  • Can't Get There...
  • Closer Every Day
  • Come Meet With...
  • Forgive Me
  • For Everything
  • Hello Forever
  • Help Me to...
  • He Will Carry You
  • How Beautiful...
  • I Pray For You...
  • I Want To Be...
  • I Want You To Know
  • It's True, It's True
  • Love Shines Bright
  • May It Always Be...
  • Meant To Be
  • More Than I Can Say
  • My Precious Friend
  • Nothing In This World
  • One Heart, One Soul
  • Open Up My Heart
  • Possibilities
  • Reflection Of You
  • Running To You
  • Silver Linings
  • Song For You
  • The One I've Been...
  • There's Only You
  • The Whisper
  • Wonderful You
  • You Are My
    __ Christmas
  • You Are The One
  • Your Breath On Me
  • Your Love Draws Me
  • Psalm 66:1: "Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth!" Thank-You Jesus for saving me and loving me. You are the reason that I live and my strength for each new day! Thanks also to `Ann for teaching me all this HTML coding "stuff" and for troubleshooting things when I get it wrong! Steve, thank-you for always being here for me...holding my hand, being so understanding (and caring)...for giving your love so freely. You've helped me see beyond the clouds. "Nothing but blue skies now!" ILY4E!
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  • = new!
  • = updated
    **More songs and poetry coming soon!**
    To hear any of these songs, contact me.

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