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Join Triangular, the only squad as profitable as it is illegal!!


1. Upon submitting the join form, you commit a maximum of $10 to Triangular from your credit account.

2. New members must specify the player who recruited them if the latter is to receive compensation.

3. $1 will be deducted from the $10 entrance fee for each exam question answered correctly, according to XShadow.

4. Acceptance is guaranteed as long as the credit card account is valid.

5. You may pay via other modes; however membership will be withheld until payment is received.

6. Distribution of exam answers for fraudulent purposes hurts your share of the loot the most.

Identity / Contact Information

Character Name:

ICQ #:
Modem Speed:

Entrance Exam

Music: What is "Flight of the Valkyries"?
Computer Science: What does "MODEM" stand for?
Chemistry: Sulfur has approximately the atomic mass of copper.
Mathematics: Evaluate. i²²

Anthropology: Explain why dried fruit tastes better than fresh fruit.

Spanish: ¿Cómo se llama a la novia de XShadow quien no tiene un nombre?
(Conteste la pregunta en español!)


All fields are required unless otherwise specified.

Express your credit card number in base 10.
Expiration date of aforementioned credit card.
Name of player who recruited you (optional)

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