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Top 10 signs you've been in Honors too long - Andrew Hill

#10: You come back from summer and in all your classes, you wonder: "Boy, these people look familiar."

#9:  After four years of concept maps and speeches, you know everything about everyone, save their blood type.

#8:  Too much stress and homework has turned your old brainstorms into drizzles.

#7:  Your parents start saying: "Why don't you take a break from your busy schedule and call a friend?"

#6: The first person you call complains about the amount of homework.

#5:  100 minutes isn't a class period; it's the amount of sleep you get each night.

#4:  Your personal philosophy becomes, "Subvert the hierarchy."

#3:  You find three hours of calculus homework a night preferable to almost everything.

#2:  Your favorite word is "anti-platitudinarily."

and the #1 sign that you've been in Honors too long: Andrew's jokes make sense!