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Red Talon/Forgotten Order News

August 26, 1998

I finally updated the page for once, although I haven't gotten the Neverwinter Nights section done yet. Anyway, the Jilted Generation is a bunch of disbanded subclans now, but I intend to stay loyal to Red Talon until all members take a disbandment oath. Razorite appointed me as a knight of the light side of the Forgotten Order, so I will have to find news for that as well. I can't think of anything else to say, so all I ask you to do is NOT to tell Equiliser of my page, since he would just love to see my comments on his rules...
-XShadow, Light Knight of Forgotten Order

August 24, 1998

XShadow here, I just popped in to say that I provided a link to the Battlecity rules site below(in the August 22, 1998 news). I will get the Neverwinter Nights page up as soon as I find out all the copyright mumbo jumbo in the ensnarled thing between TSR(now part of WotC), Engage, AOL, and all those companies that were involved in its death.

Friendly reminder, do not attack any Red Talon cities if you are a member(this may mean staying back during attacks your city carries out on our cities. I will report any attacks, intentional or unintentional, to Razorite himself, so if you "accidentally" attack member cities too many times, you will be added to the hit list. Also, don't attack cities under 16 buildings; give those privates a chance.

August 22, 1998

Notice of new rules:
Equiliser has posted new rules for Battlecity. Although high rankers and ex-high rankers claim that Equiliser has no power in changing the rules, we have to abide by them while we are near admins. ; >

1) Do not lag.
Those of us with 14.4 modems like me better stay away from admins.

2) Do not cheat.
If you break this one, you're automatically out.

3) Do not attack a city of less than 16 buildings without an orb factory.
We can handle this one; Red Talon policy IS this rule =)

4) Do not play 21.
Those of you who don't know what 21 is, don't ask; you'll just get started.

5) Do not build to other cities.
If you can't restrain yourself, get the Win 3.1 version of BC.

6) Don't flood the chatroom or use profanity in the chatroom.
This'll be hard for some of us, the profanity part.

7) Using the "Q" trick is illegal.
Only if you're caught, and even then, it's hard to get caught. ; >

8) Have fun.
If we didn't have fun, we wouldn't play.

August 21, 1998

Notice: XShadow's Lair is best viewed in a resolution of 800x600 or higher. (I have a resolution of 1024x768 going so I don't have anything to fear)

XShadow's new ICQ number: 2523183 (I guessed the correct password to my old account after about two hundred tries). If you don't have ICQ, go to the links page and go to Mirabilis and download it.

Proposal: All members of Red Talon should have at least one of the following:
-An E-Mail account(The Links page has links to several free E-Mail services)
-Mirabilis ICQ(The Links page has a link to Mirabilis)

August 20, 1998

I transferred my webpage from to because Freeservers was down so often. The page move is not temporary; I have chosen no banners and seven megabytes less of webspace over faulty service. If Freeservers gets their act together I may consider updating my Freeservers page with this one.

Do you have any Battlecity-related news, Forgotten Order news, or Red Talon news?