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Welcome to XShadow's Lair!

XShadow here, I would like you to visit the message board and write something (i.e. "This page sucks!" and "I can't believe the only graphic you have is a dracolich on your left frame!"). Or, if you wouldn't be caught dead writing XShadow a compliment in public, E-Mail me at: or ICQ me at # 2523183.

Urgent news! The Jilted Generation has disbanded due to the reset. The Red Talon will continue to exist as long as its members wish to keep it alive, and in that case the Red Talon will be a seperate clan, unaffiliated with any others(unless the other Talons of the Jilted Generation wish to stay banded).

Also, due to Equiliser's rules about building to other cities, the Battlecity Takeover is officially not a clan any more. If his rules are repealed, I will reform it(I was assigned leadership by Destroyer a couple weeks ago; I have the authority to disband) with new members.

By Razorite, former leader of the Red Talon, I have been designated a Knight for the light side of the Forgotten Order. If you wish to join the Forgotten Order, catch the attention of a member and you will be considered for membership(getting noticed by being as damn good as a player can be, not by asking members about membership).

Red Talon/Forgotten Order news last updated: 8/26/1998

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