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1. Do not build an orb factory if you do not have at least two defensive factories.

2. Accept members into your city regardless of rank, unless the spot is saved.

3. Do not intentionally lag.

4. You may attack any city of buildings > 24, and all cities that attacked you.

5. Do not attack any city with a member as mayor of the city.

6. No hexing of game text or game files is permitted.

Do you have what it takes?

Character Name:

ICQ #:
EGN #:

Points(in base 10, damnit!):

Battlecity Version:
Modem Speed:

Entrance Exam

What is "Flight of the Valkyries"?
What does "MODEM" stand for?
Sulfur has approximately the atomic mass of copper.
Evaluate. i

Explain why dried fruit tastes better than fresh fruit.

Give me the balanced equation for photosynthesis.

Express your current point total in base 2.
Express your modem speed in base 16.