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"This Page Last Updated On The 16th September 2002"
*Kevin Smith Memorium to be added
*Lyrics to Lyre Lyre to be added
*FULL Character Listing and Pictures -started A-L- in the works.
*Considering adding more themes to the buttons and backgrounds freebies page

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With permission, alot of my pics come from Tom's Xena Page, i do change the pics a bit, cropping, and adding text, and what ever, but the origianl product comes from is a link to his page.

Tom's Xena Page

<center> <a href=""> <img src=" " alt=" Amethyst's Temple Of Xena"></a></center>
Cut and paste this html if you would like to link my site to yours, the banner for this link is the same as my banner at the top of the page! Thanks

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