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About Weight, Nutrition and a Home Business

Health and Normal Weight go together.

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WHAT is too Fat?

In this day and age, it seems that more and more women and young
teens are starving themselves to be in the current "skinny mode." Why
is this happening?

In this overly commercially orientated world, with skinny models all
over the world, and people trying to emmulate that "look." I am quite
sure it started with Twiggy, in the 1960's. I think Twiggy was smart.
She looked at her skinny little frame and realized that she was not
like most girls, so instead of hiding herself she flaunted it. Hence,
comes skinniness, and billions of dollars are spent each year while
women, young and old, try to stay thin.

Health is going down hill. Years ago women had a bit of meat on
their bones and were beautiful. Now, they have dry skin. No extra
energy. And, in my opinion look like skeletons.

It is one thing, to keep yourself, in shape, by exercising and keeping
yourself toned up. It is quite another when you are starving your
body, and robbing it of proper nutrients. One thing that a lot of
people are not aware of is what happens when you don't eat enough
calories. Your body, a wonderful machine, was built for starving times
and feasting time, as food was scarce sometimes and abundant at others.
So, when you don't feed your body, your metabolism says "oh, dear, here
comes starving times." And, it promptly slows down. Hence, starving
and slow weight loss. So what does a person do. He/she eats less
calories, and on goes the cycle.

Now we come to the "Yoyo syndrome" heavy, thin, heavy thin, heavy thin,
and guess what happens? It gets harder to get the weight off each time.
Why is that? Because your body is confused. I was starved, I must
slow down. I am getting fed, I must store for starving times.
Hence the "Yoyo syndrome.

Now, what is too fat? Too fat is when you are carrying too much fat,
and it is hard to move. Hard to breath. Too fat is not because at
5'4 inches you weigh 140 lbs, and the Twiggy friend weighs 115lbs.
Each person has a different bone structure and some people have more
muscle than others. And, yes muscle weighs more than fat. Hence a
person at 140 lbs may actually have less fat then a person who is the
same height at 115 lbs.

If after reading this you still think you are too fat. Or, if you are
really too fat. Then the best diet is to exercise, cut down on junk
food. Eat healthy foods such as fruits and veggies, whole grains,
etc. Drink lots of water. Do not STARVE yourself. Try to get off
hydrogentated fats. (And, this will take some reading. You will be
surprised how much hydrogenated fats are in packaged foods). Remember
your body needs oil, just like a car. It is just some oils are better
for you then others. Hydrogenated fats are not needed.

Think build health. Get proper vitamins (all natural are best!) In this
day and age there is no way you can get the vitamins you need in the
food you are eating. Unless, you watch every single bite, and read a
tremendous amount of literature to learn and do so, plus growing your
own food, so you know where it is coming from. Do not go hungry. If
you want to lose weight don't stuff yourself. Eat frequent small meals,
so you never get those out of control binges that low blood sugar causes.
So, there you have it in a nutshell.

As you build your health you can smile at that mirror and accept
your rosy cheeks, glossy shiny hair, soft skin, and an amazing
abundance of energy. So what if you weigh
more than you think you should. You are you. Accept yourself. Good luck!

Teresa King aka Titian3 (Lifeplus has healthy diet products for losing weight!)

So, now, what about this Exercise stuff?

Exercise is doing what you can do, without killing yourself. If you are really out of shape, exercise may mean walking to the mailbox. You know
your own limitations. Basically, walk as far as you can, is a good start. Then about every three days try a bit further. Personally, I love wind sprints. Wind sprinting is running as fast as you can until you can no longer talk comfortably. Then you walk for a while until you can.
Then do it again. In this way you can pace yourself.
You are you and you are the one who knows what you can do physcially
without hurting yourself. Remember, all things in moderation!
We all need proper nutrition and exercise. Start by ordering products from Lifeplus. Linked above. The products are natural and reasonably priced. In order for me to get credit for your purchases, you must use my ID number. #544268 - Please write it down. This goes for those of you that want to have your own store, too.

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About Nutrition - Everyone needs vitamins,and minerals. Go to the link
above and read about these wonderful products. It is very educational.

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Teresa King.

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