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Top Ten Signs You Are Hooked On BTVS!

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Top Ten Ways Your Obsessed with BTVS 10. Avoid Frat parties. 9. When a new librian with a Bristish accent comes to school. You go in the library and ask When you can begin your training. 8. When you see a clown at a party your at, you chase him away with a stick yelling, "Attack Xander, Will you!!" 7. When a salesman comes to your door, you scream "get awway from here, you evil asassin man!!!" 6. Won't come near a hospital. 5. Tape every episode and watch em over and over again. 4. Post pics all over your entire bedroom/house of the cast. 3. Talk nonstop about Btvs. 2. Nail cruifixes to your bedroom walls. 1. Store Stakes and jars of holy water in your room, not to mention what's in your backpack.