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Welcome to Waverley Newcomers Club!

"A Friend Is A Gift You Give Yourself"
      "When moving around from place to place
        You yearn to see a friendly face.
        Those you left behind are hard to replace -
        Friends are an investment that you make
        For theirs and your own sake.
        You learn from them and they from you
        As nothing else on earth can do.
        Now you deserve the very best
        So in a friend you should invest.
        Don't keep your life upon a shelf
        A friend is a gift you give yourself."
                (Author unknown)

So, you have taken a big step or are about to... moving house... away from family, friends and all things familiar.

Our members have all "been there - done that!" and would like to share their experiences with you, to help you become acquainted with your new community, while forming new friendships.

Welcome to the Waverley Newcomers Club first homepage.
This is the first homepage our club has had and it is still under construction (and probably always will be!). The intention is to eventually have links to other such clubs on a global basis. Just think if you could make contact with other clubs before you even relocated! You could start to develop contacts and learn about the place you are going to before you even left! Well, this was the idea our current President, Diane Scheele, had when she developed this page. Also, it means that Clubs similar to ours can network with each other, sharing thoughts and ideas.

Where are we?
The Waverley Newcomers Club is situated in south-eastern Melbourne, within the state of Victoria, in Australia (under the council area formerly known as Waverley and now known as Monash).

Our history:
The Waverley Newcomers Club was formed by Mrs Margaret Doody, after seeing similar schemes work successfully in the United States. She and her family spent 2 years in the States before returning to Glen Waverley. The first Waverley Newcomers meeting was held on May 6th, 1981, with the support and valuable assistance of the Waverley Council (now known as the City of Monash).

The purpose of the club and what we offer:
The purpose of the club is to welcome newcomers into the Monash area and help them become acquainted in the community while forming new friendships.

Activities to be enjoyed include:

Hope you have enjoyed your stay at this site. You are welcome to contact us and here are our contact details and also those of some other Newcomers Clubs. We also have a guestbook so please feel free to make any comments or just simply say hello, or just read what others have said!

To contact us:

          Telephone:   +61 (03)  9511-4430


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Other Newcomers Clubs (not on "The Net"):

        Boroondara Newcomers Club
        C/- Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre
        157 Union Road
        Surrey Hills Victoria 3127
        Telephone: +61 (03) 9890-2467
(This club is also in the Melbourne area)

        Welcome Waggon of Australia, Newcomers Club Inc. (Brisbane Club)
        Hon. President - Nita Vogler, Tel. +61 (07) 3300-1544
        Hon. Vice President - Muriel Hird, Tel. +61 (07) 3351-6702

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