A dark-hooded figure stood by my side
In the blood, soaked mud where I lay,
I tried to pretend he wasn't there
I wished he would go away.

He just stood there looking at me
With his tear-filled eyes,
The expression of grief showed on his face
He was waiting for me to die.

I felt my life's blood gusting out
From a deep wound in my chest,
I looked up at the hooded figure
Right into the face of death.

I knew my time was very near
For my body was feeling cold,
I always knew that I would die young
I would not live to be old.

I knew someday I had to die
But this was not in my plans,
I wanted to die in a comfortable bed
Not in No Man's Land.

I could hear the mournful sounds of the dying
That could only be silenced by death,
I could see the decaying bodies of the dead
What a horrible, bloody mess!

There were body parts all around me
Scattered over the now red ground,
I forced myself to close my eyes
But no comfort could be found.

Death finally bent and took my hand
He Said "It is time for you to go."
"For you have done your duty,
And may God rest your soul."

I'm free at last, I'm free from my burden
No more will I have to fight again,
I fought for freedom and lost my life
But I did not die in vain!

By: Yvonne Legge
Copyright 1999 Yvonne Legge

My War Poetry