The war was finally over
All the fighting now is done,
With help from our Allies
The war had been won.

Homeward bound we now go
Our fallen comrades we leave behind,
But we shall meet another day
In another place and time.

They are gone but not forgotten
They are in our hearts and mind,
They will always be a part of us
Until the end of time.

Never again do we wish to see
The horrors that we witnessed there,
Just thinking about those terrible things
Fills our eyes with tears.

Let every day be Remembrance Day
Show those brave soldiers that you care,
And thank them for their courage
And the hardships they had to bare.

So if you see a veteran
Please take the time to say,
"I would like to thank you , Sir."
That would make his day.

By: Yvonne Legge
Copyright 1998 Yvonne Legge