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Coptic Orthodox Church
Diocese of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions
St Mary and Archangel Michael Church
Perth - Western Australia

Church Highlights


Church Activities and Fr. Abram Abdelmalek - View all the activities that have been achieved since 1997.
Bulding Communities

One of the Church's efforts is to bring people of different ethnic backgrounds to a common understanding, and promote cooperation between different community groups. It also helping people in more comprehension of the concepts of multiculturalism. Some of the programs that he conducts improve the social and economic levels of the Coptic and other communities.  It always promoting love, peace and justice in all the different communities it gets along with.

The church works with the disabled, sick, drug and alcohol users, mentally disturbed, people with problems of domestic violence, imprisoned, refugees, new migrants, low income people, and isolated rural communities

It conducts programs to help improving literacy and numeracy for children and young youth.

Visiting Isolated Communities in Rural WA (Mt Barker)

With an Armenian Quadruplet and a boy

With The Coptic Children & Youth

With The Sudanese Community of the Southern Suburbs
With The Coptic Community of the Northern Suburbs With The Ethiopian Community in Easter 1998
With a group of young Coptic Ladies In a camp attended by Egyptian, Sudanese, Eritrean and Lebanese Youth In a camp attended by Egyptian, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Australian and Lebanese Young People
Leading a Workshop about Inner Peace Team Work Activities

Building Relations


With the Ecumenical Youth Network - Giving Some Lectures in a Retreat

Inter Orthodox Meeting: Oriental & Eastern Families of Churches. Fr Abram with The Syrian, Ethiopian & Ukrainian Leaders in WA

With The Antiochean, Greek & Ukrainian communities in WA

At the Launch of a Video Tape & a Book about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Organized by the Multicultural Access Unit, Dept of Health. Attorney General Mr. Jim Magenty, the Organizers and representatives of some African Communities.

with The  Christian Faiths Leaders in WA

Syrian, Russian, Greek, Macedonian, Catholic, Anglican, Uniting, Salvation Army, CCWA and some delegates from Other Organisations and Universities.

With The Syrian Orthodox & Melchite Catholic Leaders in WA

Praying for Peace in the International Day of Prayer 3/3/2000

Attorney General Mr. Jim Magenty presenting a “Certificate of Appreciation”

With Mr. Kim Wilky On the Mother’s Day 2002 at The Church

Different Projects with The Multicultural Access Unit

Organising a Media Campaign with B.E.A.W.A.R.E. Regarding FGM With Mr. Rob Johnson Ex-Minister for Migration & Multicultural Interest and Church Leaders
With Mr. Ali El-Esheiry Ex-Ambassador of Egypt to Australia & New Zealand With Mr. & Mrs. Lee The Mayor of The Town of Victoria Park Paying His Attributes to the Victims of the Bali Bombing

Building Homes For New Migrant and Refugees


With Homeswest Officials and the Architect discussing the Plans for Anba Abram Village – Stage 1 With Homeswest Officials, the Architect  and the Builder inspecting the site With The Dept of Housing & Works Officials, Homeswest Officials, the Architect and  the builder, in the opening ceremony of Anba Abram Village – Stage 1
One of Many Other Projects to help People Settle Down In WA Managed By Fr Abram Abdelmalek

AFSAAP '99 Conference and Church Choir


Discussions After a talk given by Father Abram on "The First Church in Africa" in International Conference On New African Perspectives: Africa, Australasia, & The Wider World At The End Of The Twentieth Century AFSAAP '99
African Studies Association of Australasia & the Pacific 22nd Annual & International Conference
University Of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, 26-28 Nov. 1999

The Coptic Orthodox Choir Chanting in 3 different languages before the CCWA in their AGM



A word with Father Abram
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