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Ukyo Kuonji

Ukyo is Ranma's oldest friend, who is also an okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza) chef. Ukyo and Ranma met while Ranma was on his decade long training trip, and at that time her father was an okonomiyaki vendor. For awhile Ranma and his father stayed around the area, and Ranma and Ukyo played a game every day, where if Ranma could beat her in a fight, he'd get free okonomiyaki. Also at that time, Ranma had no idea Ukyo was a girl. It so happens, that it spills out later in the story that Ranma's father accepted an agreement from Ukyo's father, saying that if Ranma was to be engaged to Ukyo, Genma could then get the okonomiyaki cart as part of the dowry. Genma, always thinking of food, agreed to this. Since Genma had no intention of bringing young Ukyo with him, he took the young Ranma aside and asked which he liked better: "Ukyo or okonomiyaki?". Ranma, being young and naive, said okonomiyaki, so Genma stole the cart and left, leaving it at Ranma had made the decision not to marry Ukyo.
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