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Tsubasa Kurenai

Tsubasa happens to be an old classmate of Ukyo's, when Ukyo happened to be posing as a man. Tsubasa loved Ukyo, and gave her presents, of which Ukyo refused them all. Finally to try and rid herself of Tsubasa, Ukyo told that she was engaged to someone, but Tsubasa kept writing her love letters, and finally Ukyo sent a picture of Ranma-Chan to "her", seeing to how she thought Tsubasa thought she was a man.

When Tsubasa seeked out Ukyo, and found out she was a girl, Tsubasa challenged Ranma-Chan, whom she refered to as "ugly" to a fight to see who would win Ukyo. The fight was actually a contest to see who was cuter. Ranma eventually wins, but then Tsubasa falls in love with Ranma-Chan and then Akane. Of course, everyone thinking Tsubasa only likes girls (which seemed odd, considering everyone thought Tsubasa was a girl), Ranma tried to seduce her as a man. But in the end, it was shown that Tsubasa was really a cross dressing man. Tsubasa also likes to impersonate inatimate objects, and uses his disguise tricks all the time to try and get Ukyo to notice him.

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