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Shampoo is from a Chinese Amazon village, where the women are vicious warriors and martial artists. She was considered the best of her tribe, until she was beaten in battle by a certain red-haired girl...
...On the way back from the Jusenkyo Springs, Ranma and Genma were hungry, so they stopped by an Amazon village to try and eat. To their dismay, they ended up eating the first prize (which was a feast of food) that was to be giving to the winner of the village's martial art's contest. Since Shampoo was the champion, she and female Ranma started a battle.
Ranma-Chan ended up defeating Shampoo, which resulted in her recieving the "Kiss of Death". An Amazon law stating if an Amazon is defeated by an outsider, who is a girl, they will be killed. Thus, Shampoo follows Ranma and Genma all over China, and finally catches up with Ranma in Japan. This time, Ranma beat Shampoo again, only in his male form. Instead of another "Kiss of Death" Ranma recieved a passionate kiss. By law, if an outsider who is a man, defeats an Amazon, she must marry him, because he then would make a suitable husband. But Shampoo soon learned of Ranma's engagement to Akane, and decided to get Akane out of the way, she would have to kill her. When she learned that Ranma-Chan, and Ranma-Kun were the same person, she left in tears, confused of the whole situation.
She returned back home to her Amazon village, where her great grandmother, Cologne, was training her at the Jusenkyo. Shampoo was knocked into the Maoniichuan, the Spring of Drowned Cat.
She and Cologne then returned back to Japan, and opened up a Ramen shop, called the "Cat Cafe" ("Neko Hanten"), near the Tendo Dojo. Shampoo is always trying to win Ranma over, and get rid of all his other fiancees.

Shampoo is a sweet, but violent girl, and is the character that is most physically affectionate towards Ranma. She gets into multiple fights with the other girls after Ranma, and as the ability to be sweet and cute, but also cold and heartless.

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