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Real Name: Hino Rei
Birthday: April 17
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Color: Black and Red
Hobbies: Fortune-Telling, and Reading
Favorite Food: Fugu
Least Favorite Food: Canned Asparagus
Favorite Subject: Ancient Writing
Worst Subject: Modern Society
Has Trouble With: Television
Strong Point: Meditation
Dream: To be a Shinto Priestess, a Model, and a Singer
Favorite Gemstone: Ruby
Seiyuu: Tomizawa Michie

Rei is a headstrong girl with a major temper. She's strong-willed, and independent. She's Shinto, and therefore has powers that relate to that religion, such as receiving visions and being able to read fires. She lives with her grandfather in the Hikawa Jinja, and in the manga it is explained that her mother died when she was younger, and her father, a famous politician, was too busy to take care of her. The guy who eventually works at the shrine, Yuuichirou, has a crush on her. Rei won't admit that there's anything between them, though she has kissed him for no reason when he's unconscious.

Rei becomes first involved with Usagi and Ami when reportedly buses leaving the shrine mysteriously vanish, leading worried parents to believe that the weird family in charge of the shrine has kidnapped their children. Jadeite, under disguise, works at the shrine and is the one who is responsible for the girls' disappearances. When Rei confronts him, he sends her to some hole in space where he has kept all the other buses. Usagi arrives at the same place when she manages to grab hold of a bus being sucked into a portal.

While there, Luna sees the sign of Mars on Rei's forehead, and she gives Rei her henshin stick. Rei then transforms, becoming Sailormars, and she suitably destroys the youma of the day.

Rei attends TA Private Girls' School, which is Catholic, oddly enough. She is regarded as a queen of sorts at TA, and all the other girls worship her, for obvious reasons. Rei is the prettiest of the Inner Senshi in the anime, and arguably the prettiest Senshi in the manga.

Most of the conflict in the first season comes from the constant bickering between Rei and Usagi and also Rei's relationship with Mamoru- the two are dating. Usagi is jealous of this, though she never admits it, and Rei does feel bad when she discovers that Mamoru and Usagi were lovers in their previous lives, though she deals with it.

Though Rei and Usagi always fight, Rei is probably the most protective of the Inner Senshi over her. For example, Sailormars was the one who saved Sailormoon's life on their way to fight Queen Beryl by destroying the last of the DD monsters who was going to kill Sailormoon. Also, in the R movie, Sailormars was the one who pushed Sailormoon out of the way of the flower-creatures' attack, which took the rest of the Inner Senshi.

As Rei, she has several Shinto powers that are not related to her powers as Sailormars, namely her anti-evil scroll power. She throws her scroll and says, "Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen. Akuryou taisan!" This basically means, "Evil spirits, begone!" and it is used to, obviously, get rid of evil. For instance, in the R movie, she threw a bunch of them at people possessed by plants, and they all became unpossessed.

She has three forms as Sailormars:
* Sailormars
* Supersailormars
* SailorStarmars [manga only]

Mars is also the Princess of Mars, in the manga only.

Mars has a few items as well:
* 3 henshin sticks
* Communicator
* Communicator watch
* Mars Arrow