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Nabiki Tendo

Nabiki is the middle daughter in the Tendo family. She approaches everything from a business perspective, and lives to profit off situations she is thrust in, no matter how bad or good they seem to be for her or for those involved.

At times it seems that whether Akane and Ranma get together is of no concern to her, but she seems to be for the engagement for the most part. She can almost always be found planning her next business opportunity, which involves Ranma a lot of the time, and it's unsure if she actually looks out for anyone else in her business enterprises, even though she makes the point to her potential buyers that they will benifit from the deal.

Nabiki has a sharp wit, and sharp intuitions. She always has a biting sarcasm or a realistic, straight to the point attitude to her. She is obviously a person who thinks of herself first, but she isn't a bad, or evil person. Since she isn't any sort of martial artist, she compensates with her business intelligence and perception skills.

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